Thursday, October 21, 2010

phit web faves

I wish I could order these jack-o-lantern balloons!

Thanks Franki for letting me in on Eddie Ross's gorgeous decorating & entertaining blog and these photos of Anna Della Russo and her amazing (47 year-old!) legs. I am back on my "strict" nutrition program.

Are you getting enough rest? Shape magazine has this nifty sleep needs calculator.
My fantasy shopping list this month includes: colorful cake stands, this jacket for work, a raspberry lemonade cupcake (oops, sorry strict program, slipped my mind for a second), and Lululemon's skidless towel for sweaty yoga sessions.
I need some new cardio playlists. This one from Fitness magazine might be a good start.
I bought a Holga camera in the spring and still haven't found time to play with it. Anybody a Holga pro?
Images via Eddie Ross and Life in a Venti Cup