Sunday, February 22, 2009

cupcakes (again)

Had an excellent nutrition week and then yesterday Mr Right wanted to spend his William Sonoma gift card and we found ourselves on the plaza. Too close to Cupcake A La Mode. Chocolate cherry cheesecake. Unbelievably tasty and worth the approx 600 calories. Glad I tore up the treadmill yesterday morning.
We picked up some whole wheat pizza dough and made the best spinach and mushroom pizza for dinner. Going to have to eat light for several days to make up for that cupcake.
Have lamb shanks simmering in the slow cooker and they smell divine. Can't wait to feast on them before our Academy Awards party (a very private party this year, baby girl is teething).
Have been doing micro-sessions of strength training very well -- happy with my consistency. Cardio is still good too. Now I just need to make it to a yoga class.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

cupcakes and cardio

Well the cold seems to be over. Yesterday I felt almost completely better. Baby M didn't sleep at all so I didn't get out of bed Saturday and do the planned cardio. Today however, I fought the urge to sleep another hour and got myself over to Lifetime. The first 20 minutes felt boring and long. I stopped and did a couple machines for a change. Went back to the treadmill, changed my playlist and got busy with some intervals. It worked really well:
5 minutes walking at 4.5mph
1 minute running at 5.5 mph
1 minute jogging at 5.2 mph
then repeat, for 45 minutes.
Got good and sweaty and wow did the shower feel good.

So cardio is back on track.

Now the indulgence of the weekend...
on Thursday a vendor brought in cupcakes from a new bakery on the plaza: Cupcake A LaMode. Yum. They are definitely treadmill worthy. So good that Mr. Right and I went back down Saturday and indulged in cupcakes instead of a Valentine's Dinner out. Cupcake A La Mode has what they call a cupcake sandwich: two cupcake tops with buttercream frosting in between them. Wow.
The good thing is that they are so sweet you vow to eat good for the rest of the weekend.
Angela Broderick

Friday, February 13, 2009

good decisions and delightful surprise

I'm still baffled at how two hours can simply disappear when you have a baby. I was up at 5:30. Mirabella might be catching my cold. I so hope not, esp since I am feeling better.
Had a good breakfast of steel cut oats and scrambled egg whites along with a soy, decaf mocha. Thank goodness Mr Right is a wonderful cook and put this together while I pumped milk for M.
Even with a 5:30 wake-up, barely made it to the office by 8:00. Only about ten minutes of exercise: 30 push-ups and lots of stretching. Feels good. Will have to get my strength exercises tonight. Cold is lightening up so I'm hoping to resume cardio tomorrow. Had to get a sub for my step class last night.
I arrived at the office to find delightful surprises! A glass vase of red tulips on the table. And potted tulips on the window ledge -- the most beautiful shade of magenta.
Mr Right is not only a wonderful cook, he is exceptionally thoughtful and generous.
Next to the vase of tulips on the table was a gift wrapped in a very pretty white and damask paper with a bright red ribbon. Inside was an eco-jot journal of recycled paper. Been wanting a journal (another one!) to document M's "first's." Since she crawled last night it's time to start writing about important dates -- like watching her crawl across the bathroom floor instead of sitting and watching me brush my teeth as she has for several months. Just yesterday she couldn't hold her own head up.
Life moves so fast!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

"baby" workouts

Thanks to inspiration from Annette Lang, I've decided to try posting my workouts and nutrition challenges here as my "journal."
The new baby, new house and incredibly demanding job are taking quite a bit out of me. I've done well getting cardio in -- I go to Lifetime on the weekends and run on the treadmill (love the shock-absorbing decks on those treadmills -- my knees really love them), and when the weather cooperates I walk outside. But strength training has slipped away. For 20 years I've taught classes where I automatically did more strength training than I needed. My weight fell to pre-pregnancy weight before Mirabella was three months old. But I've a living case study in body composition -- muscle tissue atrophied while I healed from the c-section. The new lifestyle hasn't done much to build muscle.
So this morning Mirabella was up about 5:45. I should have been up before her but she woke up three times last night. Highly unusual as she's a steady sleeper (like Mom!). So after I got her up I put her in the playpen while I pumped milk for her. Then we went into my office where I keep my dumbbell set and we put U2 on the iPod. I put Mirabella in the jumper and started my weights. She has recently learned to patty-cake. At the end of each set, I put the weights down and she clapped for me. What wonderful motivation!
Her attention span doesn't allow for more than about 15 minutes in the jumper. But something is better than nothing, and here's what I got done:
10 reps w/ 18lbs
10 w/ 18lbs
9 w/ 18lbs
10 w/15lbs
Tricep kickbacks:
10 w/ 12 lbs
10 w/ 12lbs
8 w/ 12 lbs
Then did a series of low back stretches and my "hip opener" series that I used to LOVE to do in Sunday morning yoga. Did bridge for 60 seconds, three times. Then some more stretching.
Would have loved to do more, but M was tired of the jumper, and I needed to get in the shower or be late for work.
To improve: I skipped breakfast, got to do that tomorrow. Mr. Right made me a mocha (soy, decaf, almost nothing since baby can't have dairy or caffeine) but I should have had my usual oatmeal and I'd like to add in egg whites.
Rushed mornings are a part of almost everyone's lives these days. I recommend a baby clapping for you and a little Bono on the iPod -- does wonders!
Create a healthy day~

Sunday, February 08, 2009

fitting in cardio or not) while resting

Woke up with a scratchy throat and a huge fear of having to deal with the fatigue and fever of being sick in this upcoming busy week. So I took the morning off from the cardio I had planned and slept a bit longer. Spent the day using the neti pot and taking Zicam.
I was so committed to getting 60 minutes of cardio on every Sat and Sun. Since it's 11 pm and I still feel a scratchy throat, I'm very glad I rested.
Nutrition wise today was ok. I blew it with Mr Right's giant homemade chocolate chip cookie. But meals were good: breakfast of fresh spinach and poached eggs, lunch of shrimp and leftover pasta and dinner of soup. Soup was take out lobster something from Bonefish Grill -- yummy but probably too much fat.

Yesterday was a good day too. I took Mirabella out in the stroller for over an hour, then lifted weights and enjoyed her giggles as I counted reps out loud. Laid her on the floor while I did some yoga stretches.
Tomorrow starts another week. Let's hope the cold stays away so I can get on track with the cardio!