Saturday, May 28, 2011

Phit Finds on the Web & Goodbye June

Mr Right and I have a joke.  "If there isn't a Starbucks in the lobby, Angela thinks she's camping." 
I'll be enjoying the holiday weekend at home.   It's too darn hot to be sleeping outside.

Hello July, goodbye June.  This means I can gather up all my favorites from the month in one post.
Summer is wedding season, and dresses are coming in all colors.  This green one is amazing!

I've been thinking for two years about putting a leopard rug runner on my stairs.  These folks have more courage than I do; they really dressed up their steps.

A marketing lesson from last month:  apparently Lady Gaga took down the servers with her new release (for 99 cents!).  Web marketers everywhere are salivating.

A new blog, Hello Giggles, started by Zooey Deschanel and friends, posted a review of Gaga's new album.  Apparently the lyrics are just plain bad (no, don't act surprised), but a couple songs are reminescent of aerobic room sounds in the '80s.  (Which will work well on my "Cardio - Desperate!" playlist.)

This "Cup of Jo" post on fatherhood was really, really good.  I wonder if I acted like I was on drugs when I was a new mom?   (I certainly felt like it.)

And I fell in love with lucite when I saw this on The Glamouri.   I am lucky that I rarely want to be younger, but every now and then, this gal makes me long for my twenties.  

And here is why there is no denying that I'm NOT in my twenties...Bryce Howard is modeling for Kate Spade.   Richie Cunningham's daughter.  Yes, I can even say Opie's daughter.

Happy Fourth of July to Opie, Richie, Bryce and everyone.  My daughter turns 3 on Sunday and I am over-the-moon happy and nostalgic about how fast time is passing (not just June).

Friday, May 27, 2011

Phit Chick lit

4 Hour Body is well researched and, given the scientific level of the information, easy to read.   I became a huge Tim Ferriss fan (like everybody else) after "4 Hour Work Week." 

His smart a$$ style - which I would normally find offensive -- doesn't come off as obnoxious.  Instead it feels like a really intelligent conversation about becoming your personal physical best.  And his tone actually is the best part; it's like extreme science over a beer instead of in a lecture hall.   (Though I don't drink beer, and apparently he doesn't either, so not the best example).

And get this Phit will LOVE this about his plan:  Cheat day.  

One day a week you eat anything you want and as much of it as you want.  Yep, anything.

I like this plan because it gives women an emotional edge -- you DO get to have the chocolate, you just have to wait a couple days.   (How about that for a change?  An advantage in dieting!).

I know that you Moderation Police are going to scream at me.  My apologies, but moderation doesn't always work for busy, emotional or high-achieving women (that would be nearly all of us). 

All things in moderation, including moderation.

There is no better therapy -- physical, mental or emotional -- than laughter.

I literally laughed out loud all the way through Bossypants.  I read it on a flight to New Orleans and I'm sure the folks sitting near me thought I was already sipping Hurricanes.

Jobs, kids, husbands, family -- Tina covers it all with a fresh sense of humor.  These are not the same old jokes.  And she makes you feel good about yourself as you giggle at her up's and down's, which she portrays as being remarkably parallel to your own.  (OK, except she has tons of money and a fabulous career and TV show.)

Both would be terrific weekend reads. 

Monday, May 23, 2011

Phit mama decisions: car or no car?

I will not raise my daughter to be shallow, vain or consumed by materialism.

But I really, really want her to have this car for her third birthday.

A dead-ringer for the Mercedes SLK Convertible. Probably even has a sippy-cup holder.

Tell me parents, how do you reconcile that?

Phit twin fitness rules

After I posted the phenomenal photos of K&M of Twin Fitness, Michelle emailed me a few rules she lives by to maintain her super-fit shape.
The girl keeps her business and her body in tip-top shape, while prioritizing "family first."   Family includes a three year old and a 6 month old.
Michelle's advice:
1.  Be consistent over time
2.  Eat 100 grams of complete protein every day
3.  Never let four hours pass between meals

Thanks Michelle!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Top 10 Liver Loving Foods

So I've been stalking a couple of cool people on the internet.

One is Csilla Bischoff, HHC, a holistic nutrition coach.  She specializes in "Sugar and Carb Cravings, Low Energy and Mood Swings." 

Whoa.   Did she hit the nail on the marketing head there or what?   The marketer in me is impressed.   The working mom trying to stay fit {phit} wants to hear more.
Here is one of her recent newsletter articles that I found interesting on loving your liver. 
Top 10 Liver Boosting Foods

1. Lemon, with its astringent and antiseptic qualities, is great for detoxifying the liver. It also contains potassium and vitamin C, and is possibly the best fruit remedy for people who have had a high fat/high protein diet. Lemon helps to increase the formation of fluids in the body, and this helps to flush out impurities. Start your day with a tall refreshing glass of water with the juice of 1/2 fresh lemon.

2. Dandelion root tea. This simple tea enhances the entire digestive track and it is particularly effective at relieving digestion after a high fat meal. Dandelion is also an excellent herb for weight loss, as the leaves are diuretic and the root improves fat metabolism.

3. Radishes are very useful for getting rid of excess mucus, and old residual waste in the body. They also clear the sinuses and helps indigestion. Regular use can help prevent viral conditions like colds and flu. Slice some radishes and add to soup, salad, sandwiches .... or slice in half and dip into hummus for a crunchy snack. My favorite is daikon radish.

4. Cabbage is great for the stomach and intestines, is used to treat constipation, and has a high sulfur content which destroys parasites and purifies the blood. It promotes circulation within the lungs and the elimination of waste. Sauerkraut (fermented cabbage) is wonderful for cleansing the digestive tract, improving the good bacteria necessary for digestion in the intestines, and treating constipation. Look for fresh, raw sauerkraut as opposed to canned. Add sauerkraut as a regular side dish to your meals for a savory flavor!

5. Asparagus contains a diuretic called asparagine, which helps the body to eliminate water through the kidneys. Also helps to cleanse the arteries of cholesterol and stimulates metabolism. Add asparagus to soups, stir-frys, pasta, even fruit salad!

6. Watercress promotes circulation in the lungs and is beneficial for the skin, as it helps to clear facial blemishes. It helps to remove stagnant blood and increase the flow of energy in the body, and is used as a remedy for intestinal gas and bad breath. Toss some watercress into your salad or include in your favorite fresh vegetable juice.

7. Fennel is a good digestive aid which helps to rid the body of excess gas. It also stimulates liver and kidney function. It has a sweet flavor and a crunchy texture. Roast some sliced fennel with a little olive oil for an interesting addition to your meal.

8. Leeks help to promote good digestion, and they also help to clean out the intestines. They also stimulate the liver, gall bladder and kidneys. Leeks promote warmth and move stagnant energy through the body. They clean out the arteries and slow the growth of viruses, yeasts and other organisms that often show up with an unbalanced diet. Add finely chopped leeks to salads, omelets, soups or stews for extra flavoring!

9. Ginger is known for its circulation-promoting properties. It helps to prevent the blood from sludging, which is one of the causes for heart attacks and strokes. It is also an anti-inflammatory, a digestive aid and improves appetite. Treat yourself to a cup of ginger tea after a meal or sprinkle some grated ginger over vegetables as a garnish.

10. Garlic and onions. They contain allicin, which is a sulfur based compound needed by the liver for effective detoxification. Garlic helps the liver rid the body of mercury, certain food additives and hormones.

Your Assignment from Csilla:
Pick three or four of these veggies and incorporate them into your diet in the next 10 days and see what difference this alone will make in terms of how you feel.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Double the power; Double the fun

I have no business whatsoever posting any comments about fitness competitions. None.

This blog is about real women {not} balancing work and family and hopefully sneaking in a little cardio.

But inspiration is inspiration, and I have to share these photos and make one comment: wow.

Kristie and Michelle of Twin Fitness have a special place in my heart.  I recruited them to teach aerobics (relax, you progressive group exercise instructor youngsters, that's what we called it then - aerobics) over a decade ago. 

I worked with these high-energy gals as a consultant when they opened their studio and again when they wanted to add a new business component training competitors (looks like they might know what they are doing).   So I am thrilled to see them doing so well.
Kristie - business owner and Mom to 11-month old twins, Ali and Rylee.   Geez.
Michelle - business owner and Mom to three-year-old Skylar and six-month-old Tenley. 
Yep, you read that right, six-month-old!
Like I said, I've known these girls for awhile, and I can promise you they are doing these things religiously: 
1)  NEVER touching white flour, starchy carbs or sugar
2)  Hitting the streets for a run at 4:30 am at least five days a week
3)  Consistently doing some really smart strength training.

It's quite awesome (and motivating!) to buy baby gifts and then see the Mom merely a few months later looking smokin' hot in a bikini like this!     Kudos girls!

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

"Healthy Marketing" webinar

I'm excited about this webinar I'll be leading next month for the National Wellness Institute. Please tell your exercise/wellness colleagues and friends.

Here's the details:

Healthy Marketing: Effective, Affordable Promotion Ideas for Your Programs
In this webinar, learn the most cost-effective ways to promote your health or wellness business, your wellness programs, and yourself. Important checklists will be covered, but new ideas that are easy-to-implement will be shared so you can increase attendance and participation right away. We will cover marketing techniques that are based in authenticity and purpose, not in-your-face selling or obnoxious advertising. Learn the latest and most effective ways to market and to get more people healthier!

Following the webinar, participants will be able to:
•know specifically what to include in headlines and content to increase participation in programs.
•choose from 30 new cost-effective, easy-to-implement ideas to promote their programs, their business, and themselves.
•understand the importance of personal branding and its relevance in helping people make healthy choices

Who Should Attend:
•fitness trainers/instructors
•wellness program coordinators/directors
•health and wellness educators, wellness coaches, wellness business owners
•members of organizations such as NWI, ACSM, IDEA, CHES, and NSCA

Registration Fee:  NWI Member: FREE
Non-NWI Member: $55

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Love and {Many} Other Drugs

"Prescription drug spending rose to $307.4 billion in 2010, which translates to nearly $900 spent for each and every American.
This is a 2.3 percent rise over 2009 spending levels -- but it actually represents a slowing in drug spending in the United States. I am on a mission to get as many people off of then as possible!!! Lets be respons-able for our health!"

This was on fb today, posted by Super Phit Chick Kelli Calabrese.

More here in this article: "What Are America's Most Popular Drugs?"
My little girl seems to have allergies, so I have to add that I am very grateful for our advances in medicine and pharmaceuticals.  My sweet girl can be miserable with watery eyes and a runny nose, and with one teaspoon of medicine, return to the state of a normal trouble-making 2-year old. 

But let's be real, with a little work and a lot of support, we can free many people from many drugs.  Anti-depressants seem to have the best debate going here.   Nope, I'm not anti-anti-depressants, I know many people who are living a better life taking them.  Have you read the study comparing exercise and Zoloft?    What do you think?

BTW, a fun movie: Love and Other Drugs.  A co-worker called this "a sexy movie" and she was right. Jake G creates some steamy scenes. Interesting view of pharmaceutical sales too.