Monday, October 04, 2010

22 meals in 120 minutes - A "How To" Guide

Today I shopped, prepped and cooked oodles of groceries. Ended my two hours with 22 meals.
I LOVE doing this on the weekend. I especially love doing it before Sunday night (that should be saved for relaxing and playing with baby girl).
I can't put into words the stress saved by opening the fridge and pulling out a gladware container that has a healthy, tasty lunch.
Or coming home at 5:15 and knowing I can take my daughter for a walk because dinner simply has to be re-heated.

Here are a few ways to cheat on meal preparation:
1) Put aside two hours on the weekend to shop, clean produce and cook.
2) Go to the store after breakfast. You won't buy junk food since you're full and you'll save loads of mental energy (stress) because the store isn't crowded on Sunday morning.

There's something remarkably easier about doing all that chopping and cooking at once.

And all week long, when I ask one of my co-workers "What's for dinner at your house?" and I see a look of stress, I know I did a good thing -- because I am relaxed and READY to feed my family healthy, tasty meals with almost no kitchen time.