Monday, October 11, 2010

Fast Track Your Career

On the flight home from a long one-day business trip (up at 4, airport at 5:30, back home at 9pm, that kind of day), I treated myself to a magazine. Here's a few juicy tidbits I pulled from a Women's Health article on "Fast Track Your Career."

*Fast-track your career by connecting with co-workers, not by churning out killer projects or clocking long hours. I have the book that was the source for this article, and it's quite good.

*Set your alarm to go off in the afternoon and let that be your cue for a five-minute doorway conversation. Don't blow off socializing. People who are laid off in the current recession have a much more difficult time landing their next job than those who don't have strong office relationships.

*Gossip wisely. Be brief. Apparently we can learn from the men here. Men will say "so and so is an a**hole" while women tend to get emotionally involved and have a hard time letting go.

P.S. Better book by Lois Frankel: See Jane Lead.