About Angela, team leader of Phit Chicks

Angela is a curious evolver who thrives on life’s changes.

Her accomplishments span leading healthcare societies to owning small businesses to cycling across South Africa with Johnny G,the founder of Spinning.
Angela has been in every nook-and-cranny of health and wellness for the past two decades. She’s been a part of discussions about national health policy, worked with physicians to develop medical education and launched instantly profitable wellness businesses.

Her passion, however, is in prevention. She spent two decades teaching step, spinning and Pilates. She’s taught backstage private yoga sessions to celebrity musicians. And she’s done even more time as a volunteer, teaching literally hundreds of classes to Girl Scout troops and in domestic violence shelters.

In 2001 she was awarded “Fitness Program Director of the Year” by IDEA at what is known as the “Academy Awards of Fitness.” This is just one of the accolades she’s received for making individuals and communities healthier. She’s taken hundreds of never-walked-a-mile baby boomers up Pikes Peak and across marathon finish lines. She’s helped dozens of women achieve weight loss in triple-digit-pounds.

She’s launched personal training programs in health clubs that immediately grossed $70k per month. Her marketing has propelled many wellness professionals way across the 6-figure income line.

Angela is a top-rated (usually HIGHEST-rated) presenter at international conventions, including IDEA, ASAE and many others. She’s been designing and delivering continuing education for 20 years. She owned her own brick-and-mortar studio and has successfully led wellness businesses as solo-entrepreneur, hospital wellness director and multi-unit club executive.

Hi, I’m Angela.
It’s nice to “meet” you.
My dream is for healthcare to truly become HEALTHcare (not just sick care). 
For this to happen, we must do more teaching - and yes, selling - of wellness.  That is why I developed Marketing Well, and that is why I still write this blog, Phit Chicks.
I’d love to hear from you! 
 “When our new accountant reviewed our history, he immediately asked us what we did one particular month three years ago – our business experienced extreme growth that month (and we sustained it). Why the growth? We hired Angela Broderick. Her strategy and insight delivered HUGE results.”
                                                                              -Kristie and Michelle, Twin Fitness