Wednesday, July 02, 2008

39 weeks

I haven't been a good pen pal lately; extremely busy job, moving, and pregnancy are quite a full hand I've been dealt.
Closure can be tough for me, especially when it involves saying good-bye. Though I'm now in Leawood instead of Liberty, I plan to get back to teaching yoga up north after Labor Day. Still, many of my classes and programs had to change or end, and thank goodness for the many life changes -- I was too busy to be sad for long.

Moving into a new space is cleansing in a way -- you're forced to clean deep, get rid of "stuff." And it's so fun to personalize a new space; make it yours.
Phit chick Kelly did an awesome job painting the nursery for me -- the chick can not only run forever, she is quite the decorative painter.

At 39 weeks, my belly is huge and two hours of good sleep is a gift. Patience.

Something I'm really happy about: my doctor says I am a "picture of health." For a first baby at 43 years old, she is amazed and says I'm having a model pregnancy - healthy blood pressure, reasonable weight gain, active and (mostly) feeling good.

I was doing yoga and the elliptical at eight months, and I'd like to tell you I did the whole way through, but for the past month an occassional swim is all I've done. There's no doubt that 20 years of consistent exercise before getting pregnant has paid off. It's made it possible for me to relax a bit in this tired stage (though working eight hours and unpacking isn't all relaxing!) I feel very blessed to have such a healthy body.

Keep that in mind when life distracts you from your fitness routine -- the real benefits are ones you can't see.

Someday you may take an executive-level job, move to a new community, have a baby at an advanced maternal age (or, heaven help you, all three at once). A low blood pressure and established relaxation techniques will bring you tranquility through it all!
Create a healthy day,