Friday, October 15, 2010

Fun things to do this weekend

It will be a good weekend. We are hosting friends tonight from Colorado, then tomorrow taking the baby girl to the fall festival to pick out a pumpkin.

I always have a "fantasy to-do list" and here it is for Friday, the 15th. Sharing it for anybody with a free hour or two.

Plan a trip and buy a round-the-world plane ticket.

Schedule some free time in your calendar next week. And if you're feeling guilty about it, read these thoughts on "The best reasons I've found for backing the f*** off."

Make caramel apples. Be sure to decorate them.

Make a parody video of your favorite music video. These kids did Lady Gaga's Bad Romance and matched it screen shot-for-screen shot. With Flip video cameras. Amazing. I thought I was techno-hip and cool when I made a mix tape in college.

I don't know why I got distracted on YouTube, but here's how to make your eyes big and bubble-like a la Lady Gaga in above mentioned video. I won't be putting those drops or contacts anywhere near my eyes, thank you very much, but I am astounded at the art of make-up. And continually impressed with what youngsters can create with a Mac.

Make this Ricotta and Zuchinni Tomato Tart. Yum.

Help a niece, nephew or neighbor pick a Halloween costume.

Know how to sew? (Wish I did.) Make this bow pencil skirt. Darling!

Have a wonderful weekend!