Monday, May 19, 2008

crazy busy

Long work days, classes and pregnancy-required rest has kept me away awhile, but I have some good stuff to share!

I saw a book "Crazy Busy" when bookstore browsing and checked out the author's website. I really like this list of "10 Principles to Managing Modern Life."

Had a conversation with some Eq gals last week about abs and was asked the BEST abdominal exercise. There are several of course, but one is the dead bug yoga pose with arm & leg extensions. Take a peak at it on this handout and give it a try.

I've managed to keep up with exercise during pregnancy, even though it is quite a bit different. I have substitute taught water aerobics at Lifetime Fitness in south Overland Park, and done Prenatal Yoga at one of my favorite studios Darling Yoga. My walk/jog sessions are definately walks, and I've had to learn to be ok with three times a week instead of four or five, but all in all, I'm a healthy "older" mom!
I'll be finishing the session of early morning Equilibrium and Sat yoga (Yep, I can still do down-dog, no twists though). Then there'll be a brief break. I'm already counting down the weeks until I can get back to my regular yoga classes!
Create a happy, healthy weekend,
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fatigue busters (Jan 31 newsletter)

Hi there [member_name_first]~

Recently returned from a six-day business trip, with meetings in Florida and Oregon. The pinnacle of my fatigue came on a six hour flight from Atlanta to Portland (wouldn't have been so bad had I not started that very day with a 7am breakfast on the east coast and ended with an 8 -9pm meeting on the WEST coast -- geez).
I've always considered myself a hard worker, but at 17 weeks pregnant, those 16 hour work days and long flights were almost too much. And yes, I practice what I preach with water, rest, vitamins and good nutrition. Some weeks just require every tool in your Phit tool box. My fatigue busters:
1) Legs up the wall pose. This yoga pose is so easy to do in a hotel room; you can lay on the floor or the bed. Here's a photo on Yoga Journal; but I don't use a bolster, just lay flat on the floor. The trick is to sit really close to the wall so you can kind of "swing" your legs up. You get a nice hamstring and low back stretch, but best of all your feet, ankles and legs get the benefit of reverse gravity on circulation. Those main arteries that pump blood up your leg all day long get a break, and your entire circulation system benefits. I used to do this when I worked trade shows in my 20's and my feet would HURT at the end of the day. Didn't find out until much later that it was a hugely beneficial yoga pose.
2) Walking. Surprise, surprise! But a couple of mornings my meetings started at 7:30am and the silly fitness center didn't open until 6:00am. Even though I only got a whopping 22 minutes on the treadmill; I felt so much better. And I LOVE how the most routine shower feels like a spa treatment when preceeded by a bit of cardio.
3) Music. If you don't believe in the mind-body connection, play your favorite song next time you are tackling a task you dread. And what a way to make time fly. What did we do before iPods? (Actually I remember packing several CDs with me, seems so bulky now!)
Here's a few of my Phit Favorite Tunes:
Need to rev up -- as in that "first mile" on the treadmill: 60's sing-alongs like The Foundations, or (embarrassing as it is, these always make me smile) The Partridge Family's "I Think I Love You" or "Come on Get Happy." Sounds ridiculous, but in my days of teaching Spinning three times a week, I saw more than one 50-something executive male start pedalling faster when I played the multi-colored bus music! If you want something a little more current (like a half a decade more current) try the Cardio Dance Mix on iTunes. It always makes me hit the speed "up" arrow! Rihanna and the Black Eyed Peas work well too.
Need to relax: Can't beat the early Enya, and I love the compilations on "Pure Moods" CDs. And Deva Premal is the ultimate for that totally vegging out (napping, meditating, warm bath soaking). When I play her at the end of yoga, I can literally see people sink into their mats.
Need to feel like "I can do this": Madonna, Aretha, and best of all: Tina Turner!
I'd love to expand this list, especially the exercise tunes, so email me here and tell me what gets you going. I confessed to the Partridge Family for crying out loud, so give me your real favorites. I'll share a list next week.
On the flight home I listed to an audio book on leadership and gained some amazing insight into taking control (and responsibility for) my schedule, my day, my health, my career, my goals. Found an interesting parallel perspective on the web too: comes down to being a player and not a victim. Here's my notes (rough, from the airplane):
Personal responsibility stems from being a player rather than a victim. For example, a victim responds to:
1. what happened to you?
2. who wronged you?
3. how did they hurt you?
4. what should they do to make it right?
5. what are the consequences to you if they don't change?
a player responds to:
1. what challenge did you face?
2. how did you choose to respond?
3. what are the consequences of your actions?
4. could you have done something more productive?
5. what can you learn?
Huge possibility for application here: my day, my health, my finances. The reoccuring question: am I going to exercise? Is it my co-workers or my job's "fault" that I can't? Is it REALLY another person's fault?

I also loved this quote shared by Emerson: what you do speaks so loud, I can't hear what you say.

Under the "coming soon" category: Phit Chick Kim Sickels has been teaching classes at Slim & Tone on North Oak which closed recently, and she will be starting a new class on Wed evenings at Pinnacle Physical Therapy. Email her at or call 816-589-6489.
Create a happy, healthy week,
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