Monday, October 04, 2010

Not your mother's crock pot

Mr Right and I pretty much never eat red meat. The two times a year we do: a steak on the grill at the beginning of summer and a roast {beef} in the crock pot at the beginning of fall.

This year we'll have roast twice. Because a few years ago, I mastered the art of EASY meals with slow cookers.

The secret:
1) make ahead
2) slow cooker liner bags (no scrubbing, soaking -- barely have to wash!

Yesterday, I put liners in two slower cookers. Chopped the veggies, threw in the roast, put a few miscellaneous seasonings and herbs in. Then I put one in the cooker and plugged it in for dinner.
The other one I tied up with a twistie and put in the fridge. Later in the week, it'll be easy. I'll grab the baggie on my way out the door to work, put it in the crock, put it in the cooker and plug it in.
And clean up (which I HATE) -- is easy!