Thursday, December 22, 2005

core training

Well, it's been researched, reported and hyped non-stop in all of 2005, but Core Training is going to stay on the forefront of fitness for awhile.
And with good reason. How many people over 40 do you know who don't have low back pain? or tight hips and hamstrings? or weak abdominals?
Health magazine recently featured a piece of fitness equipment that does all this and more - the Versa Ball. I recommend it to all my clients for their home workouts, for their husbands (especially for their husbands!) and for their kids who play sports (sooooo many injuries could be prevented with a little flexibility and core strength!).

Saturday, December 03, 2005

amazing weight loss -- one more time

I got to talk outside of class to my "poster student" Laura this week. As some of you know, I've been outta-my-mind excited about Laura getting a call from the staff of the Oprah show. They are as impressed as everybody else with Laura's amazing weight loss.
Well, they called her back AGAIN this week. So we are closer and closer to Laura being somewhere or in something of Oprahs (show? magazine? any of it would be great!). They wanted a photo of her in a tighter shirt -- the "after" picture I took was in a regular old t-shirt. Good for them for encouraging her to "live" in her new body.
Here's what's really cool...Laura told the Harpo staff that she now weighed less than she lost -- and she' s lost over 130 pounds.
This gal who drives from Kearney to Liberty at 4:45 in the morning five days a week to workout continues to just amaze me.
Monday we are starting a new Equilibrium session for December. And I look at Laura's photos from a year ago (at 268 pounds) and read the letter she wrote me and still nearly come to tears. Raising four kids of her own (and for most of the year, her brothers four kids as well -- eight children!) and working and still making it to her workouts.
I am so blessed to have a student who is an example for ME personally and for all my exercise students and clients.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

an awesome fall Saturday

A beautiful fall day -- a bit chilly but nice & sunny.

And I was so lucky to start the day with a yoga class at the community center. We did a pretty basic routine, but many of my regulars were there and so were some new folks -- I just love introducing the idea of moving and stretching and breathing to someone who isn't doing it on a regular basis. When I do these community yoga classes it's always listed on -- and men are certainly welcome!

Then I got to move and groove with my Kid's Cardio Dance Party and did we ever have fun! This was our last class of the session, and I am so proud of these girls! Can't wait until mid-January when we start the next one.

Now it's off to get dressed to go watch my very studly cousin, Michael play football. If he wins to day he's off to the high school state championships. He's a very cool kid and I am so rooting for him! Go Michael!

Thursday, November 17, 2005

turkey tips

Brrrrr...I know I was meant to live in a warm climate. Nonetheless, I'm excited about the upcoming holidays.
I saw Alton whats-his-name on the Food Network with a wonderful idea for cooking turkey. As you probably know, turkey is a wonderful healthy source of protien, and probably one of the most nutritious things on your holiday table. The turkey breast white meat is much lower in calories and fat than the dark meat. The problem that arises in when cooking the turkey, the white meat can end up dry by the time the dark meat is done.
Alton had a great idea -- he made a triangle-shaped tent and fit it to the turkey breast prior to putting it in the oven. Then he set the tent aside. He put the turkey in the oven at 500 degrees for 30 minutes, then pulled it out of the oven. He put the pre-fitted foil tent over the breast and returned the bird to the oven at 350 degrees to complete cooking.
I tried this on a test bird last night and it worked great! Tasty, moist white meat. Highly recommend it! Happy eating!

Thursday, September 29, 2005

fall is here!

What a beautiful fall day!
Since my last post, Laura S, my superstar client in "Equilibrium" has topped her own weight loss record and is now at a total of 122 pound gone. Wow.

Can't believe summer is officially over, but fall is off to a terrific start with most of my Equilibrium (small-group personal training for women) groups full and waiting lists even filling up.

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Friends and Laughter

Laura S. is one incredible woman. I guess I should say ANOTHER incredible woman, since I've had the good fortune to have met several incredible women.

Laura is one of my Equilibrium students at the Liberty Community Center. And in my other posts you've read about "Equilibrium: Balanced Fitness for Women" and how darn proud I am of my clients in this class.

Well, Laura started in January and she told me today that she has lost 110 pounds. 110 pounds! Incredible. But the amazing thing...this woman has eight children (little children!) and a job. She drives 15 miles to take my class. And she is one of those students who stays after --- like for 30 minutes on the treadmill. I do promise my students they can lose weight in the Equilibrium class. And I willl continue to do so with even more confidence. But ALL the credit goes to Laura. She is unbelieveable. She makes me want to go run 10 miles or sit down at my desk on Saturday and do something productive for my business or just accomplish something -- because she is proof to us all that it can be done! Anything you want to do for yourself can be done!

This morning she came to our Phit Chicks walking club ( and the girl led the pack (with the ever-so hilarious duo of Ann and Stephanie at her side). I was thinking to myself what it would have been like for her if she was trying to walk that five miles with an extra 110 pounds on her.

I know Laura was laughing for most of that walk, because she was walking with Ann and Stephanie. Which brings to mind thoughts of laughter as a motivator. And friendship. I'm convinced that these are two very powerful forces. I read the other day that daily laughter will result in a yearly weight loss of four pounds! Cool.

And I've told you how proud I am of Laura, but I've also go to tell you how proud I am of Beth. Beth is on her sixth day of no white flour, no white sugar (a mantra of Equilibrium that we sometimes live by better than others). And you have to understand Beth is a midwestern girl, stay-at-home suburban mom, "I love to bake" woman. This is a stretch for her and she is taking the bull by the horns, making the tough choices and staying on track. Kudos Beth. "You Rock!" as my stepsons say.
Beth is getting a bonus lesson in sociology as folks respond to her with their various forms of "What? You're not having any dessert?" -- as though she's involved in an underground production of weapons of mass destruction.
Dee Dee (another Eq gal, a great mix of intelligence and common sense, making her quite uncommon) pointed out that those comments directed at Beth come from envy -- envy of seeing someone have the guts to do something they ("they" being the weapons accusers) would secretly like to do themselves. I agree with Dee Dee. They don't have the guts to say they'd like to, much less give it a try. (BTW, Dee Dee used much nicer words than I just did here.)

So choose your friends wisely. You certainly can't alienate the "you're not having dessert??" folks, but you can certainly tune them out from time to time.

Another cool thing about Equilibrium....that Beth and Laura and Dee Dee get to spend a little time together. Away from the weapons accusers anxious to share their long list of excuses they have for not taking care of themselves.
It's takes a much more real friend to say "stay on track, do what's best for you" than "go ahead, you deserve it" when you're eyeballing that dessert tray.

Btw, I still enjoy desserts. But NEVER because someone else thinks I should and NEVER anything of less than highest quality. I love being a dessert diva. The calories MUST be worth it.

enjoy your friends, laughter and desserts.

go do something good for yourself! and then for a friend!

Sunday, July 10, 2005

rejuvenated in Las Vegas

I just returned from Las Vegas. Spent a couple days at IDEA's Annual World Fitness Convention. This is the BIG one -- where the marquis instructors present (they're practically celebrities), where the latest and greatest theories are shared. My favorite this year was Cheryl Soleway, who is a favorite of everyone who hears her speak. She had wonderful theories and opinions about posture, and about understanding the difference between a short, tight muscle and a weak muscle. She says she does alot of yoga and pilates, which impressed me, as some athletic trainers don't (she trains hockey players).
Can't wait to share new exercises with my clients and students. Feels good to be motivated and I'm excited to pass it on...
I'm starting a new session of one of my favorite classes tomorrow: "Equilibrium: Balanced Fitness for Women." As we all know, there are too many things that you have to do to maintain a healthy body. In this class, we do strength training (with free weights, machines, tubes, you name it), Pilates, yoga, outdoor walks and runs, circuits, outdoor boot camp-style workouts, etc. We talk about nutrition and weight loss and most importantly, build a camraderie that is so inspiring it gives me chills....these gals in my class have accomplished unbelievable things. Can't wait to get started tomorrow morning!
Make it a great week!

Thursday, July 07, 2005

the great divide about breathing

Here's a nice article comparing yoga and Pilates...

Some folks will get into quite the rant-and-rave session with me over which is better. Or, more likely, why their chosen discipline is the ONLY way anybody should EVER exercise.
Dedicated yogis will struggle with the breathing differences and really not care for the Pilates methods of breathing.
And some folks understand the benefits of both and want to do both. Pilates experts have one school of thought and yoga instructors another.
Personally, I like to live in REALITY which is why my signature classes include a blend of both (or "fusion," the more popular term). If you can exercise four-five hours a week instead of eight, then you have a half-day to yourself! Time is time and there's only so much of it, so I say get the absolute most from every single exercise session.

Friday, July 01, 2005

why do I advertise weight loss?

Seth Godin is a marketer and author that I truly admire. His blog gets all kinds of "best" awards. His recent post on shark attach was interesting to me for several reasons. You should check it out.

Here's my favorite excerpt...
"An innocent 14 year old girl lost her life just off the Florida panhandle the other day. That’s tragic news—it always is when something like this happens.
But why the panic? Why the front page headlines in New York (no sharks here)? Why the emergency orders and the closed beaches?
Last year there were 30 shark attacks in Florida. This is fewer than the number of people killed by deer accidents (not deer attacks) in the United States. Fewer than the number of people killed in just a few hours of Labor Day traffic. Yet you don't see people paying money to see movies about killer deer, or fretting about driving to see Aunt Sue.
Shark attack is like cancer. The phrase alone gets you to sit up and take notice, to have a sharp intake of breath, to hope that everything is okay.
Cancer kills about as many Americans as heart disease, but we react completely differently to news about a friend or a colleague with one disease or the other. We ostracize smokers but few people are serious enough about heart disease to become vegetarians… very different reactions to similar disease-causing lifestyle choices.

His marketing lesson:
" You may have the greatest thing ever, but if it doesn’t match a prevailing worldview in the market where you hope to tell your story, you’re invisible."

If you've ever read a description of my signature classes (Yoga Happy Hour or Equibrium), you'll definately see claims to weight loss, a more toned body. You also see claims of "more energy," "better sleep," "improved overall lifestyle and mood." But as Seth so brilliantly points out, when marketing something you have to match a prevailing worldview. The worldview of women in the midwest is that exercise is a price you pay for a smaller leaner body that looks better in clothes.
And let's face it, there's nothing quite as satisfying
as pulling on a size smaller jeans
and seeing yourself in the dressing room mirror
looking absolutely fabulous!
I hope you have these "I'm fabulous" moments as often as possible.
I'd also challenge you to take a moment and think about all the WONDERFUL things in you have because you take care of your body.
And if you're looking to lose weight, sign up for my class: "Equilibrium: Balanced Fitness for Women" at the community center in Liberty. I am very fortunate that I have some clients with incredible accomplishments. Simply incredible.
Jennifer used to tell me she'd never be thin because she'd had two children, etc, etc. Then she dropped he r bodyfat from 35% to 23%. She's now training for a bodybuilding show and her enthusiasm borders on overzealous. Love it.
Laura M didn't let cancer or trips to MDAnderson for nasty "check-ups" deter her from dropping over 40 pounds. Amazing thing is Laura has always shown up with one of the best attitudes - focused and ready to work and smiling.
And Laura S. holds the record with a weight loss of 95 pounds. And this woman has a job and seven children under the age of 14!
So what was your excuse????
As proud as I am of these accomplishments, what you'll always hear me talk about first is the smiles and energy I see come from women who put themselves first for one hour a day. Lorraine's arms look unbelieveable. And Lorraine had a darling figure on day one. Another client jokingly told me I shouldn't let her in Equilibrium, she'd throw off our amazing "pounds lost" averages. :)
And there's Trish, Miss Consistency. Trish gets up EARLY and does a long drive on dark country roads and get her exercise in before she starts her day as a busy attorney. Last summer she hiked out of the Grand Canyon and she hasn't slowed down since.
It's not like these gals go home to eat bonbons and watch the morning talk shows. But they show up. They get stronger, they get healthier, and they offer unbelievable support to each other.
Oh wait - reality. NO ONE registers for a class because they'll have a great time getting healthier and making friends in a positive way doing positive things for themself. They sign up for a class because they hope to lose a dress size. That's the worldview. And Seth is right - I need to market my program to match the prevailing worldview.
(And you can bet I'll do a future post on his points about
ostracizing smokers then eating crap.
Thanks for the inspiration, Seth.)
For now, you get signed up for Equlibrium and tell your friends to too. You can lose alot of weight.
Better yet, blow off the worldview and do something good for yourself. Either way I hope to see you on Monday the 11th.
Have a great weekend and a happy fourth.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005


I'm sitting here pouting. Trying to concentrate on several projects (that desperately need my full attention) is difficult because I feel the effects of missed workouts. I didn't teach my class last nightor manage to get in my walk today. I taught yoga at the community center yesterday morning but that's about all I've done this week. Why? Because of the stupidest, smallest injury -- a nasty blister on my heel. On my list of "must-haves" is Thor-lo socks. (Along with a heart rate monitor and an iPod.) Thor-los are great. The orlon keeps them from getting wet and causing friction on your feet and yes, from causing blisters. I mentioned how proud I was of the Phit chicks and their 6-mile walk on Saturday. Unfortunately their organizer/coach hurried out of the house in the wrong pair of socks. Good socks, good shoes, good bra; anything else goes. Newbies reading this - come walk with us next Saturday. We're meeting at the track at Liberty High School. We always meet in or near Liberty, Missouri as that's where most of us live. Hope to see you there!

Monday, June 27, 2005

So proud of Phit Chicks

A couple years ago I moved to Liberty, MO from Overland Park Ks to marry my Mr. Right (aka Larry Bedell). He is wonderful. I love the community of Liberty.
Sometimes, however, I'm not so crazy about how un-fitness savvy the community is.
But Saturday I was incredibly proud of 13 women who completed the Phit Chicks Challenge.
A little background... I teach a class (technically it's small group personal training) specifically for women over 35. We do weight training, Pilates, cardio, stretching, outdoor circuits, a little bit of everything. Most of the women don't know sets from reps when they begin, and most of them want to lose weight. There were many who wanted to get more cardio in, so a couple months ago I started a walking club here in my hometown of Liberty. These gals meet me at 7:00 am and we take off on their choice of a 3, 4, or 5 mile route. Last Saturday they completed their Phit Chicks Challenge -- a six mile walk.
To be honest, the domain name FitChicks was taken, and one of my clients who spends alot of time with pre-teenagers thought of spelling our name with "PH" to resemble the way the kids say "Phat." Worked great. Phit Chicks was born.
I teach the small group personal training sessions (we call the class "Equilibrium: Balanced Fitness for Women), as well as some Yoga and Pilates and cardio classes. Like I mentioned before, I started in legwarmers in college and have been addicted ever since. Love it. Well, all my yoga, Pilates and other students show up for these Saturday walks. Some of them bring their mothers, their daughters, their husbands, sometimes even their dogs. It certainly beats the heck out of watching the treadmill seconds tick by...8 minutes one second, 8 minutes, two seconds ...doing a 30-minute workout can be excruciatingly dull. But these ladies are loads of fun. I'm soooooooooooo proud of them.
If you happen to live in Liberty or North Kansas City, come join us on Saturday morning. the walking club started for women, but sometimes men come too. Its free. Get up! It's worth it. See to find out where we're meeting this week.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Getting started...

I spend a good deal of my professional life helping start things. As a marketing consultant by day (that would be 7a - 4p) and fitness instructor by early day (5:30 - 7a) I help business owners jump start their sales, help fitness professionals start an entreprenuerial adventure and women start feeling good about themselves (via exercise).

Now I'm starting something -- a blog.

The word was a turnoff to me for a long time, but I'm getting used to it. I used to pride myself on being ahead of the curve with technology. I was the first manager in a conservative office to request a PC instead of a dictaphone, the first to use email, to learn to create a website, etc, etc. But this blog thing has been intimidating.

Communicating is appealing though, and I'm excited to share thoughts.

My thought of the day is aging. How boring. You see, I turned 40 this year. And lucky (and unlucky) for me, so did Sandra Bullock, Kristin Davis, and other skinny, fit, beautiful celebrities. Sarah Jessica Parker was on everywhere in the past few months sporting size 0 for the Gap. Wow. Oprah turned 50 and looks better than she did 20 years ago, Clint Eastwood won an Oscar in his 70's, and well, there is just no excuse to NOT be an overachiever at any age, much less ever slow down. Or run two miles instead of five. Funny thing is, it takes five miles now to accomplish the same weight that two miles used to.

This incredible "ordinariness" has been quite a learning experience for me (a humbling one, but valuable nonetheless). I have been teaching exercise classes since the 80's -- to records. Wearing leg warmers. Yeah.

Today I own a fitness education business -- -- and I spend my days motivating tenured fitness pros to teach the wanna-be's to have empathy and commitment in their new jobs as personal trainers and group exercise instructors.
Boy, I wish I could make every 20-something personal trainer take their incredibly lean body and spend a day as 45-year old with a mortgage and job. Empathy lesson would be done. Many years ago I read about a cutting-edge residency program that required new docs to spend a week in the hospital as a patient. Great idea. Same thing I'm thinking for these super-fit trainers.

My fitness school is doing well. We are offering courses in 19 cities now. Speaking of which, one of them is calling. I will finish this! Check back, or share your thoughts.