Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day

Happy Earth Day.

Did you see this article that thinner is better to curb global warming?

Regardless of how you feel about global warming, here's one more reason to eat well -- it's better for our planet. (Like we didn't have enough reasons already.)

On the consulting front, Excel Wellness celebrated their first year in business. I wrote her business plan and am tres excited to see her doing so well.

And I've known these girls for years, but recently developed a new program for them: Physical Transformation Retreats. You can learn how to get in Shape magazine cover-shape at one of their weekend retreats. If interested, tell them Angela sent you and you can attend the entire weekend for $299 (regular $499).
Create a healthy Earth Day

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

fit mind inspiration

Stumbled on a couple of cool sources of inspiration this week:
Jill Bolte Taylor speaking at the TED conference. You have to listen to this 20-minute presentation of this Harvard brain scientist re-telling the story of her stroke -- it is simply phenomenal.
I signed up for this online creativity circle; could use a boost since baby and demanding job have sucked up a great deal (all) of my time in the past few months. Time to re-focus on what makes me. I love this quote from Tim Ferriss: your job description is not your self-description.
Excited to go to New York in May. Attending the Yoga Journal Conference, though only one day of it, is at the top of my list while in the big apple. Also hope to do this anti-gravity yoga class which looks fascinating.
Creative not-exactly-Phit things I just have to share:
Delightful decals for decorating on Etsy: I am putting the cherry blossom branch in my office at home and "hanging" the chandelier over my desk at my "day" job office.
Another nifty find on Etsy: these darling ceramic buttons.
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