Monday, March 19, 2007

Phit Stuff for Spring

Got a list of phit (as in hip, cool, and "fit" for a terrific gal like you) stuff for you to check out.

This weekend I am headed for another continuing education workshop to learn more yoga. I am anxious to share with you all the wisdom of Aadil Palkhivala, including new stuff on twists, backbends, inversions and joints.

Between all the reading and research and class design, I sometimes think I'm going to meet myself coming and going in fitness. But it's all about BALANCE, and since I'm a firm believer in walking the talk, I've also commited several hours to nuturing the creative Angela, and I learned a great deal from Twelve Secrets of Highly Creative Women. It's on my nightstand right on top of Fearless Living and about a dozen others. Gotta get caught up on that reading (not that that is a dreaded task).

Need new jeans for spring? Well, it only takes a few minutes in most dressing rooms for me to believe that I have one woman's waist and another woman's thighs. Save some self-esteem bashing in the dressing room; check out -- thank you phit chick sister Karen for this link -- answer a few quick questions about whether the waist is usually too big, etc, and find a list of jeans that fit you (of all prices).

Everybody loves a new t-shirt. And what is more fun than your very own Phit Chicks t-shirt. The designers unveiled their spring collections weeks ago, but the Phit Couture t-shirt for spring 2007 will be a fun one you don't want to miss. All you have to do is show up for at least two workouts during our Spring Fling.

Since women follow through commitments made to others, but not always on commitments made to themselves, here's your chance to assure you show up for a Spring Fling Workout. Click here and RSVP for the workouts you'll attend. In the comments section, indicate your t-shirt size: M, L, XL or XXL.
You don't want to leave a chick out several bucks for a t-shirt, so you'll show up. Get the workouts on your calendar, go online and RSVP, and we'll see you there.
I know there's lots going on. Make a little time in Spring Break for you. Go to and click on "Spring Fling" to save your spot.

Spring Fling Workouts planned

Here is the correct handout for our Spring Fling workouts!

Sorry about yesterday's error. A lesson with cyber mail -- clicking 1/8 inch from where you shold and you've just sent 300 women the wrong handout!

So, another try: Get that calendar out -- it's time to plan for the Phit Chick's Spring Fling.
Liberty school’s are closed April 2—6, but no BREAK for you, Phit Chick! Get tone and trim and enjoy some sweat & laughter at these special workouts…

Outdoor Circuit
Join our soccer-coach, Phit Chicks trainer and all-round cool gal Laura Sorens for a 45-minute circuit of strength & your choice of jogging or power walking. Tuesday, April 3rd @ 9:00am

Retro Sweat Circuit
Get ready for shorts & no-sleeves in this circuit workout to 60’s,70’s and 80’s tunes.
Calories-B-Gone! Wednesday, April 4th @ 8:00—9:00am

Man Camp (Bring him!)
Golfer? Couch Potato? Main Squeeze?
All men welcome in this manly class featuring testosterone-friendly yoga poses & core strength exercises. (NOTE: We've moved this from the original Saturday date so childcare will be available at the community center.)
Thursday, April 5th 5:30—6:25pm

Cardio Salsa~
Muy Phit, Cliente Chicas will sweat our way through simple steps to hot Latin tunes. Bring your teenagers, bring your girlfriends, bring anybody who can say “cha, cha, cha.”
Thursday, April 5th, 6:30—7:10 pm

Pilates Circuit
My trainer friend Tina says this workout “gets your body hummin’” — gotta give it a try.
Thursday, April 5th, 7:10—7:45pm

All Phit Chicks are welcome. Use the "send to a friend" link at the very top of this newsletter.
Spring break will never leave you in such good shape. Go to and rsvp for a class today!
Or, email me here and let me know what you will attend.
Create a healthy day~

Thursday, March 08, 2007

fashionable fitness

One of my secret past-times is reading fashion magazines. No, I'll never own a $5k dress, but the fabrics and colors and sparkly accessories are just girl fun for me. In this month's Bazaar, it was fun to read the suprising mind-set of jet-setting, successful fashion designer John Galliano. Here's an excerpt for you....
Though he used to be the poster boy for all-night partying, Galliano now keeps to a 13-hour-a-week keep-fit habit, with different trainers for weights, boxing and aerobics. (He even runs on Christmas day.) His eating patterns have acquired a scientific reference: slow-burning carbs leading up to a show when he's doing as many as 40 fittings a day. "I'm responsible for 800 people's mortgages and 15 collections a year," he retorts. "You bet I train like an athlete."

I think that's intriguing because we are so accustomed to hearing how our priorities and pressures of life keep us to busy to exercise. Obviously using it as a reason to keep exercise as a priority works better.

I sometimes find it's just hard to fit in enough cardio, and I'm really excited about a new exercise product. Jumping rope is probably the best cardio you can get -- it doesn't take much space and it gets your body into incredible shape. The new Jump Snap is genius -- you won't trip on the rope! I set us up for a Phit Chicks group discount, so if you consider buying it jot down discount code 20JSINSTR because that'll get you 20% off.

I was recently introduced to a terrific networking tool -- it's like an online version of six degrees a la Kevin Bacon, but even better. Check out -- you can easily and quickly register yourself, introduce friends and connect to all kinds of people. Connect to me when you get on there and then email your friends. It's really fun to watch your contacts increase.

What does make-up guru Bobbi Brown say is the best thing for your skin? Hint: it's not a beauty product. Find out by clicking here.

We launched our March Equilibrium's this week, and with our week of spring break workouts (more on that soon) it's still a really good deal to sign up for March -- email me for details. The spring break workouts will include:Phit Chicks "Man Camp" -- bring him!
"Yoga at Home" workshop
Salsa Sweat, a latin cardio class followed by some ab work that'll give "sharing a six-pack with a friend" new meaning,
and several new circuit workouts.

More on the "fashion" all-time favorite workut wear is still Athleta, but I recently got a great deal (under $20!) on a sports bra I love at One Hanes Place. I'm also in love with the organic clothing from Blue Canoe soft & yummy yoga pants.

One more thing: runners & walkers mark your calendar for April 14th, the JayDoc Fun Run organized by KU Medical Students benefits their free clinic.
Make it a healthy day~
Angela Broderick, MA