Friday, January 26, 2007

winter soul-stice

from Dec 21st Phit Chicks newsletter....

Happy Winter Solstice [member_name_first]!

Today (if you're reading this Thursday) is the shortest day(light) of the year.

On a day of shortened light, ponder a few seconds on this ahppy thought...

"Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared." ---- attributed to the Buddha.

And, if you're reading this on Friday, happy first day of winter.

I -- along with Mandy, Mendy, Maureen, Laura and Laurel -- would like to take a moment to send a special thank you for a wonderful year in this relationship of business, fitness and friendship.

All my December travels have allowed me mucho magazine reading time; there's literally nothing in the news stand that I haven't at least skimmed the December issue. My favorite: a quote from
Cameron Diaz in Self: "You're responsible for your body. People seem to take better care of their cars." Speaking of Miss Diaz, she shows us how sexy a woman's back can be on the cover of W magazine. For heaven's sake, I wanted to start doing pull-ups right there in the airport. Visual proof of what a well-defined shoulder and back can do for your entire physique. On with the strength training!

And Women's Health (which I think is new) featured a two-page spread of some very effective core exercises, including the tried-and-true plank. Those of you who are career gals will love this new magazine Pink -- it's a combination of Oprah's magazine and Fortune.

And I promise this is the last time you'll hear this from me....the average woman gains 7 pounds between Thanksgiving and New Years. Keep moving.
For your calendar: the "Santa Buster," an aerobics class, will be at 8:00am on Dec 26th at the Liberty Community Center. And the next session of Equilbrium classes begin the second week of January, email me if you have any questions.
Enjoy the season, and we hope to see you in many new classes beginning January 7th! One last thing: put on your best Dr Suess voice and click here to read a special holiday message.
Have a wonderful holiday,

a week of amazing chicks

The week started with some dissappointment as the ice forced me to cancel my Sunday morning favorite yoga. But the forced "day off" was the beginning of a pretty wonderful week. I have a new elliptical and it sits right in the living room and I'm happy to report that I"ve been on it six of the past seven days for at least 30 minutes. It's not a real expensive model, and tends to rock side-to-side if you aren't careful. I look at it as encouragement to keep my core stable. :)

I've been lucky to see firsthand how cool it is to watch women on different paths and in different phases support each other. One amazing chick who always makes me laugh out loud is columnist Lisa Kogan. She tries to point out the commonalities we have as women in an article on expanded families for children of working mothers:

But I don't want to fight with you, Miss Nebraska. I've had enough of red state/blue state, your god or mine, tastes great versus less filling. The planet is divided enough at this point, so I'm officially calling for a cease-fire, a moratorium on snarkiness, or at the very least a modicum of tolerance. We are better than this—we are women. We crave potato products, we read witty novels, we notice shoes, we follow our gut, we try to keep men from becoming violent, and believe it or not, Miss Nebraska—there's one more thing we have in common: When all is said and done, we both want the best for our families.
Very good here to read the whole thing, which is quite funny.

Friday night, another amazing chick, photographer Annie Liebovitz. At a Rainy Day Books event, I watched a slide show of her photos and got her to sign my book. Annie has a amazing and enviable career, starting at age 19 being a photographer for Rolling Stone magazine and currently shooting covers for Vanity Fair and Vogue. I admire the guts this woman has. One of the photos in her book is her, pregnant at age 51. Yes, I said 51. That baby is now five years old, and she also has baby twins. And she's signing 1,000 books on Friday night. The Q&A surrounded photography, but I so wanted to raise my hand and ask her what she did to keep her energy up.

Now, about last week's challenge of creating micro-goals, well, Phit Chicks, you were so impressive!

Of all the amazing women I encountered this week, you are at the top of the heap. I heard from so many of you, and you all had several goals -- good ones! Way to many to list here, but in case you haven't written your micro-goals yet (the best ideas are stolen), here's a few really good ones:
Lori is going to get a Sam's membership and check out a food sealer so she can prepare meals for her family and eat out less often. She decided she's going to know what's for dinner before 5:00. (Do you know what's for dinner tonight?)
Jan is going to order Grande's instead of Venti's at the coffee shop, and walk her dog around the track twice instead of once.
Karen is going to do push-ups and sit-ups during commercials on TV night.
Debby is going to read food labels and look for info about sugar & flour and learn more about the Glycemic Index.
Trisha is going to keep a food journal and include info on how she feels when she's eating. Susan is going to walk on her lunch hour and put air in her stability ball. (You're not alone Susan, I talked to five people this week who haven't aired-up their ball.)
Laura is going to drink water when she's hungry, and noted that 2 out of 3 times, water is what her body really wants (smart, smart, smart!).
If you want to truly make a healthier change this year, write three micro-goals. Email me yours by clicking here. There's still time to get in on that yoga CD.

Speaking of which, I stayed away from the chocolate this week. And I made a really yummy cabbage dish for dinner. Phit Chick Trish told me about a recipe that used cabbage and frozen peas. I didn't remember all of it, so I made up this one...
Get a bag of pre-sliced cole slaw in the bagged salad area of the grocery store
Go to the salad bar and get a small container and fill it with purple cabbage, green onions and red onions
Get a very small bag of sunflower seeds or sliced almonds
Then, warm a bit of olive oil in a deep pan. I minced up a couple cloves of garlic first, we always have that in our kitchen. Then add the red onions (from salad bar mix). Then the bag of cole slaw for a couple minutes. Then the purple cabbage and green onions (scallions). It takes no time to cook. Top with sunflower seeds and enjoy!
Nice and colorful, chock full of nutrients, and I bet your kids, hubby, or S.O. will love it -- the tiny bit of olive oil and the sunflower seeds make it more flavorful than they are used to leavey veggies being.
Well, here it is midnight and it's looking like Mother Nature is going to force me to cancel class again tomorrow which makes me really nuts -- we're going to be making up January classes until August. While I'm getting over that, here's a few upper body strength exercises you can do with one simple set of dumbbells. Stay warm & safe.
Be amazing this week~