Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Money and Power

"Yoga with Nadine" had a really interesting post today about money & power.

Nadine says that she always felt the need to get rid of money as quickly as she got it, because she associated money with power.  Her history of knowing people who misuse power (money) made her want to avoid having any.  

I seem to be running into lessons everywhere lately about money and power.   Awhile back I was in bed with the flu and looking for an HGTV fix.  I literally tripped on an episode of Suze Orman (who I should watch more). 

On this particular show, Suze was counseling a woman about loaning money to her sister.   The hard-working woman on the show was constantly loaning money (which was never repaid) to her sister.

The working woman claimed that she felt like she should share, since she earned more than her job-less sister.  It was what a "good girl" was supposed to do; it was what you are supposed to do if you value family.

Suze's advice has stuck with me.  

"You aren't sharing the money.  You are sharing the powerless-ness."

Wow.  So when I'm sharing, or loaning money, I'm creating TWO people who are without.  I'm subconsciously putting myself in a position just like the borrower - a position of powerless-ness. 

Because I'm afraid of power?  Or because I've been taught that this is the right thing to do?  The nice thing to do??  

And the same thing goes for over-spending.  Nothing feels worse than lacking financial security (I've lived that).  So why do we try to justify it with "retail therapy" and "rewarding myself" excuses?

I'm going to try to hold on tighter to my power.  It can't be all bad.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Phit Inspiration - Ruth Zukerman

Ruth Zukerman, founder of Flywheel Sports, is a Phit inspiration.  I saw this photo of the 54-year old and immediately dusted off my Spinning shoes.

My bias about fitness instructors is obvious, and Flywheel won my heart early on for the way they promote their instructors.  They don't pretend that it's a gym or a membership that makes the difference, they know it's the instructor and they put a spotlight on their teachers.

That is impressive.  So is the fact that Flywheel has multiple locations including Dubai.  Dubai, for crying out loud!  

But back to Zukerman.  Impressive businesswoman, impressive motivator - I certainly want to acknowledge that first.  Kudos Ms. Zukerman, you are a true inspiration.

And then the piece of this I am clearly blown away by... that body, that skin -- at 54 years old?   Wow.

images via Flywheel.com

Friday, August 17, 2012

3 Lessons from So California

We spent time in Southern California last week and I learned three things.

1.   Starbucks bought "Evolution Fresh," a brand of fresh juice, and is already stocking their bottled juices in their California locations.  On the flight out, I read United's magazine story on the new juices and how Starbucks had opened a juice stand in a mall in Bellevue, Washington.  This story has more details.

I saw the juices in the Beverly Hills Starbucks and was excited to see very low sugars in the interesting flavors.  (BTW, we saw Kelsey Grammer in the same Starbucks.)  I am so excited about these juices.  We aren't talking a bottle of apple juice with a smidge of spinach thrown in.  The label tells you exactly what is in the bottle (the green juice has actual green veggies!).  Hope they are in the midwest Starbucks soon.
2.  Men love cars.  I mean they REALLY love cars.  There was a car parked on Rodeo Drive -- a Bugatti -- and every man on the sidewalk stopped dead in his tracks, pulled out his cell phone and begin snapping photos.  For several hours this car was parked in the same space and it was always surrounded by a crowd.  Apparently a Bugatti is the fastest car money can buy (alot of money -- $1 million, I'm told).
3.  Lesson number three: climate matters. I've never been a gal that loves the county fair. Or the state fair.  Or any outdoors-in-August, animal-smelly event for that matter.  But the Orange County Fair was absolutely amazing.  My daughter loved the animals and the rides.  And it felt so good to walk outdoors in the clean, crisp, 70ish degree weather.  (Though I skipped the chocolate-covered bacon.)