Friday, October 01, 2010

Minutes, Miles, Months to a leaner you.

Been slacking? The ONLY way to regain consistency with exercise:

1) Put a calendar up that you see at least twice a day; record your exercise – minutes, miles, whatever.

2) After you have done this for a month, set a weekly goal for the next month.

When I had the baby girl, I kept deciding not to exercise because I only had 20 minutes, or I didn’t have time to get the sweat-your-guts-out workout that used to be my regular routine.
But then I started walking a mile a day – AND WROTE IT DOWN on the calendar. The next month my goal was to walk 6 miles a week. I did 10. The next month my goal was to walk 12 miles a week. I did about 11.5. Three months later, seven pounds gone.

It’s yet another mind game in a weight loss battle.

But this gives you an edge. It’s amazing how it works. You see you haven’t exercised in two days and you realize you CANNOT let it become three days. The blank squares of the calendar are staring you in the face.
One last important point: put the calendar where you’ll see it at least twice a day. Somewhere near the toilet is a sure thing.

My mileage calendar is in the "loo" - the toilet room in our master bath. I'm sure to see it a couple times a day. :) Makes for bad photo lighting though - sorry 'bout that.