Friday, June 18, 2010

Four Stars for Lauren

A lovely time at "Four Stars for Lauren" last night. Christopher Elbow and many of our fave restaurants were there.

And how about M, rockin' the orange dress? :)

Lauren's daughters are all grown up and GORGEOUS: Maren on far left and Brenna on far right. And the handsome guy is Dylan, son of the super-Phit chick Kelly S. (remember her 50K race -- yes, 31 miles).

Yay for Ann Taylor Loft!

Hip Hip Hooray for Ann Taylor and using real women as "models."

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Get the dog off the bed Izzy!

Click here to see gorgeous photos of Katherine Heigl and her home.

But if I had that headboard and bed (and I do wish I did) I would NEVER allow a dog on the bed. I'm not anti-animals, but that is a pricey and gorgeous bed.

My envy of the day is...

I'm so jealous of Emily who designed a purse for Coach. How cool is that?

Big fashion in small packages

Melissa at "Lil Bee" does these fabulous posts of her baby girl imitating high fashion. I love this one on Color Blocking. And I may have to buy that gingham dress for M.

Moomah "Funky Forest"

This is why I'd like to visit Moomah (one of the reasons). M would love the Funky Forest. (OK, I would love it too!)

wishful thinking - artist date with my girl

I'd love to take my little girl to Moomah. One of the things that makes me wish I lived in NYC.

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Updated my website today with my favorite new photo of M & I.

I find that more and more professionals are being transparent about their personal lives. Many are even successfully incorporating it into their branding.


Puttin' on the Ritz

We checked in here three weeks ago today. I am ready to return.

I would even pack up the toddler, all the bags, the stroller, the car seat, the car seat attachment so I can roll her thru the airport, the diaper bag, the dvd player, the books, the food, the soy milk again and pack it through security twice if I could go back to the Ritz at Laguna Beach.

"...I can't lose the nanny!"

Mr Right scored major points and took me to see Sex and the City 2 on Friday night of the holiday weekend. After delicious mussels and chardonnay at the Bristol.

Like many Moms, my favorite scene was the Mom confessions of Charlotte and Miranda. Funny and refreshing to hear their honesty, and the shared fears and frustrations from two women with completely different lifestyles.
Ebert would not give the movie a thumbs up. Not exactly an award-winning script, but as I expected (and enjoyed) it was a like a curling up with a talking magazine -- amazing fashion, fantasy vacation, friends and humor.