Saturday, July 07, 2007

Friday, July 06, 2007

Stability Ball, Dance & Aqua

Hi Phit Chicks. I'm taking a much needed afternoon break, sitting near the balcony and occasionally gazing at the sailboats in the harbor and the amazing blue sky and water. I swear it's always room temperature in this city. Absolutely beautiful.
The day started with me observing (OBSERVING, not taking class -- have six more hours of this, too old and too smart to over do it) a dance class called Body Jam. Then to the opening ceremonies of the convention. Heard an amazing keynote speech on the Wellness Revolution. The speaker, now in his mid-50's (looking mid-30s) gave us mind-provoking info. He also told a cute story: He lives in Utah and joined a buddy's mountain biking group. He had to have his wife take him 2/3 of the way up the ride, then he did the final third with the group. He was 45, and his buddy was 65. He said to his friend,"HOW do you do this? I am 45 and I can only do the last third."
His 65-year old friend replied, "Don't worry about it, I couldn't do the whole thing either when I was 45." :)
Better with each day that goes by.
After the keynote I went to a stability ball workshop and learned a few more abdominal exercises that my Sunday yoga class is going to LOVE! Can't wait to share.
And then I went to the highly energetic exhibit hall to try out some new equipment and check out the new music. Then off to another session, this time a dance-based cardio. I came back to the room a few minutes early to enjoy the balcony and fresh air, and am hoping to get re-energized before the party tonight. There is a water aerobics class going on outside and I can hear the instructor so I feel like I'm still in workshop mode. Been a long 12 hours. Whew. I'll find the energy though. Nothing gives me new life like learning.

Hip Hips

With apologies to Cosmopolitan and like magazines, here's a quiz to determine your "hip-ness"...
1. What's your favorite yoga pose to release the hips? Pigeon? Dancer's pose? (If you don't have one, skip to #6.)
2. Do you sit in a chair more than two hours a day?
3. Do you sleep on your side?
4. Do regularly you run, walk or do step aerobics?
5. Do you want to prevent future low back pain?
6. If you answered "yes" to any of the above then sign up immediately for "Hip Hips" a workshop coming August 4th. Email me to reserve your spot -- enrollment is limited to assure personal attention.

A reminder ..."Get out of BED (Blame, Excuses, Denial)" was referenced in the eNewsletter a couple weeks ago. Have you been saying:
"I am so happy & grateful that I live the life of a thin, fit person"
Not to late to start. Never too late to start (thank goodness).
Cool Things Going On:
"Hip Hips," a workshop on yoga poses, adjustments, stretches as well as traditional exercises for our all-too-tight and too-weak hips (typical in America). Yoga experience is NOT a pre-requisite. Saturday, August 4th, 8:30 - 11:30 am. $29 if you pre-pay by July 20th. I can email you a paypal invoice OR you can mail a check to the address below.
Our " Phit Chicks Summer Shed" program is off and running. If you'd like to take off 4, 6 or 8 pounds by Labor Day, you can still get started. Go to , click on Resources and print out the "Summer Shed '07."
A new class at a new place: Tues 5:30pm Pilates-Yoga class at Pinnacle. Download the flyer here.
Want to feel like a million bucks on Labor Day? Try our August session of evening Equilibrium with Mandy. Will meet on Mon & Thurs at 5:30pm, Aug 6th - 27th. Seven sessions, $95, no membership or guest fees. Email me for more info.
In fitness and in health,
Hello from San Diego!
Yesterday was a full day of a yoga pre-conference program. Heard from Lorna Francis, PhD, about the connection of the mind and body, and how instructors inadvertently teach clients to control their mind by teaching control of the body. We've heard that exercise is more efficient with the mind engaged, but Dr Francis theory is that by "exercising" control of the body (i.e. where your arm is placed, where your body is in space) you learn to better control your mind. Interesting. Then a wonderful session, "Yoga with Intention" with Lauren Eirk. Liked her so much I stayed for the next one she taught, "Progressions in Yoga," -- always been a big deal to me -- studios so often have no intermediary steps. The teacher shows a pose, then you are supposed to do it, or not. The fitness teacher in me always has been big into teaching progression. Ms Eirk shared some fabulous ideas and thoughts that I am anxious to implement. Then Lawrence Biscontini did a very imaginative mind-body circuit, using foam rollers, gliding discs and combined yoga, tai chi, Pilates and Feldenkrais. What a day!

Monday, July 02, 2007

Happy Fourth of July

Start your day with positive inputs; how's this for a getting-started success story...

I am doing great on the summer shed program. I lost 3 pounds this week! Woo-hoo! I’ve never seen results that fast! And, I have so much more energy. I had no idea how the “white stuff” was effecting me. Thanks!

Have you started your Summer Shed program? You can still download it on the website -- and click on "Resources."

THIS TUESDAY, July 3rd, I will have my usual Tuesday 5:40am yoga class at the Liberty Community Center -- and this week it's community yoga, meaning all are welcome. That's right, F. R. E. E. yoga on Tuesday -- get yourself supple and centered for the Fourth.
Remember no Equilibrium classes this week due to July 4th holiday and so many folks out of town. Including me, as I'm taking off to a major fitness convention in San Diego. The program is very interesting, as it's usually an indicator of national exercise trends...and this year it's almost all Pilates (mat and equipment based) and yoga. Still lots of cardio, but almost no step classes. Loads of spinning, triathlon training, running & walking programs and dance-based classes. (If you like "Dancing with the Stars" ask me about my Cardio Dance class starting this fall.) My agenda at this conference includes a half-day session on MAT (Muscle Activation Techniques) which should be very useful as it seems everybody has aches & pains these days, as well as workshops like "Yoga with Intention," "An In-Depth Look at the Knee Joint," and "'80's Dance Groove." The last of these will probably have me laughing so hard I can't even break a sweat to Duran Duran or whatever that playlist has in store for us.
I am very excited about this convention, and will be peridically posting updates on the Phit Chicks blog, so if you're curious about a deeper level of learning or just want a dose of "confessions of a fitness instructor," check out Hope to cyber-connect with you there.
Have a happy Fourth of July; celebrate to the fullest with a swim, a parade, some watermelon or sparklers.
Create a healthy day~