Tuesday, August 28, 2007

lose yourself

I was walking and listening to Eminem sing...."lose yourself, the music, the moment, you own it, you better never let it go" and thinking about how GOOD it feels to sweat to great tunes.
Also been seeing this trainer, Tracy Anderson in the media everywhere -- W, Bazaar, every magazine in the airport. She's apparently risen to fame with her workout program that includes Pilates exercises and dance-based aerobics. I got suckered in and ordered the DVD. It's not bad. The music is great. Though I prefer www.ulianeArney.com for dance fitness videos. Apparently, though the Gwenneth Paltrow's and Madonna's of the world have been at this Tracy's studio and she's quite the buzz in LA.
Well, it's not quite LA, but in the fall you can take "Cardio Dance" on Saturday mornings at the community center and get in a groovin' music-sweat calorie-burn. Easy to follow too. My promise: only three moves per song.
If you can use a little extra cardio in the fall, come to walking club at 7, then stay for Cardio Dance at 8:15. You'll be sportin' a tiny waist for Halloween :)
The walking club and ALL the fall classes start after Labor Day; get yourself signed up.
Hope it's on your calendar by now... Green Acres is bringing in Lorna Vanderhaeghe for a seminar on Tuesday night, September 11th, "The Hormone Triangle: Adrenals, Liver & Thyroid." Click here to download the flyer.
Green Acres has generously agreed to be a sponsor for our fall walking club; be sure and thank them when you're in there.
Create a healthy, happy Labor Day weekend.
In fitness & in health,

the good, the bread, the ugly

Ok, about this summer shed program.
I had some good experiences with it personally. And a couple embarrassing ones.

About a month ago I flew to DC to meet with my boss (I've decided that a boss 1,000 miles away is a real boost to career success -- but that's another discussion). I taught the 5:45am Wed yoga class, flew thru the bathroom and traded my yoga top for a t-shirt and put on a jacket. Mr Right was waiting to whisk me to the airport to catch a 7:50 flight. Got on the plane armed with my travel necessities: a banana, an energy bar, a book and my iPod. Easy flight. Landed, did the airport thing with the luggage and cab and went right to my DC office. My boss was waiting, then immediately after him my colleagues. Back to back meetings until 6pm. Now I'd like to tell you I snuck away for healthy snacks, and I can tell you I got my water in. But by 6:30 I was absolutely ravenous. A workout, a flight and a 12-hour workday on a couple hundred calories. Sounds like the ultimate get-skinny plan, doesn't it?
I wish.
I walked over to King Street and decided Greek food sounded good. Sat down and ordered a lemon-garlic Chicken dish, light on the sauce, with steamed vegetables. Life is good.
Except the waiter came around the corner with a basket of bread. Not a problem for me, I don't even like bread. But then he showed me this little flask full of dark green olive oil with little swishes of pureed parsley and garlic. He put it in a saucer and tells me I have to try it. It smells divine.
The bread had the "I look whole grain but I'm probably starchy-white flour with food coloring thrown in" appearance. One piece I decide. Well, my hunger turned into a freakin' monster. Does that ever happen to you after the first bite? I know I'm hungry, but my taste buds are suddenly the Angela-pilot instead of my brain.
That garlicky-parsley oil was amazing. I had three pieces of that bread. Yes, there were only three pieces in the basket. And when my yummy chicken and veggies arrived I couldn't eat 1/4 of it.
Darn waiter. He had me at the parsley-garlic scent.
Lessons? You already know, don't you?
Eat, for crying out loud. Don't wait until the end of the day to wait the appetite monster. And plan for your whole day. Planning for a flight is automatic for me; I have snacks in my bag before I've packed my suitcase. But I didn't think past noon. When I got off that plane I didn't think to go eat because I wasn't going to have time to breathe the rest of the day.
And tell the waiter "NO BREAD!" when he/she takes your order. Heck, tell them the minute you sit down.
Last week I mentioned that Green Acres is bringing in Lorna Vanderhaeghe for a seminar on Tuesday night, September 11th. A timely and important women's health topic: "The Hormone Triangle: Adrenals, Liver & Thyroid." Click here to download the flyer; it's also on www.PhitChicks.com (see "Resources).
Plan your meals and have a healthy week
In fitness & in health,

Friday, August 17, 2007

Breast Cancer Patient Protection Act

Hi there [member_name_first]~
I sooooooooooo love the Windy City! Just returned from four wonderful days in Chicago. Enjoyed learning sessions at a conference, plenty of walking, shopping and a COOl breeze off the lake.
Important stuff this week!
I met with Shannon at Green Acres last week -- a very sweet gal with a cool business. (You HAVE to go there. The yummy smelling soy candles and organic soaps are reason enough.) Anyway, Green Acres is bringing in Lorna Vanderhaeghe for a seminar on Tuesday night, September 11th. A timely and important women's health topic: "The Hormone Triangle: Adrenals, Liver & Thyroid." The flyer is on our website (see "Resources), but put this on your calendar now.
Here are three fun ways to stay cool in this KC heat:
1) freeze juice in ice cube trays and drop them in Diet Sprite for a delish punch-like drink
2) finish your shower with a cool blast of water. Come on - they do it at spas and charge a fortune.
3) dress in light clothes, keep your hair off your neck and face, and forget the make up -- then it's easy to wipe your face with a cool wet cloth any time of day.
A wedding photographer told me one time that when brides are about to overheat, they rub ice on the inside of their wrists, where the blood runs close to the surface of the skin. I swear it works.
Thanks for your interest in our Phit & Phabulous classes that start this fall. Including the flyer again if you missed it. A note of clarification: there's a new "Yoga Basics" class on Saturdays at the community center and also a "Yoga 101" workshop. The workshop is a chance to listen, watch and then try the basic poses and sequences -- please forward to any friends who want to try yoga and haven't quite signed up yet.
Last week I shared info on a bill about payment for post-masectomy care. I decided signing a petition is great, but I think we should make some phones ring. (Besides I found out the petition listed the bill numbers from the first time the bill was introduced, not the bill numbers of 2007.) So call your congressional representatives and tell them you expect them to support Bill # HR119 & S 459. If you live in Liberty your representative is Sam Graves and the local office number is 792-3976. In Missouri, our senators are Kit Bond and Claire McCaskill, their DC office numbers are:
Bond: 202-224-5721
McCaskill 202-224-6154
So make a phone call, stay cool and fit in your exercise.
In fitness & in health,

"Mama Wants Her Abs Back" & Kudos to Laura S.

"Mama Wants Her Abs Back: Post-natal Core Conditioning" is a new class this fall. Will be offered at the community center; meets twice on Mondays, 6:45 - 7:45pm, Sept 17 & 24th. The community center now offers online registration: www.ci.liberty.mo.us/LPR
Kudos to Phit Chick trainer Laura Sorens -- knew she was a super stud soccer coach, but learned she was also a "Teacher of the Year" (the Liberty School District's newsletter I got last week had her picture in it). Way to go Laura! Take this super woman's Equilibrium class Tues & Thurs evenings and soak up some of her energy!

fall Phit & Phabulous classes

Hi there
A political note today...there's a bill called the Breast Cancer Patient Protection Act which will require insurance companies to cover a minimum 48-hour hospital stay for patients undergoing a mastectomy. It's about eliminating the 'drive-through mastectomy' where sometimes women are forced to go home just a few hours after surgery, against the wishes of their doctor, still groggy from anesthesia and sometimes with drainage tubes still attached. Personally, I don't see the *&^+#* question here.
Sign the petition by clicking here if you feel it's something you support. Thanks from the trainer and friend of dozens of survivors!
Excited to share all of our Phit & Phabulous classes that start this fall. Download the flyer here. Early morning yoga will now be at Elite Dance Center, there's an additional Sunday class and a new "Yoga Basics" workshop. Mandy's evening Equilibrium and all EQ2 classes will now be held at Pinnacle Physical Therapy on Kansas Street. Read more in the flyer.
In addition, we'll be offering the following Equilibrium classes at the community center:
1) Tues & Thurs 5:15pm with Laura code: 8232.302
2) Wed 5:30pm & Sat 10:45am code: 8232.305
3) Wed & Fri 5:35 am code: 8232.303 team taught with Angela and a new trainer (you're gonna love her!)
And I'm SOOOOO excited about Kid's Cardio Dance, which will be back this fall on Saturdays at 10am. Get your child off their seat and on their feet -- sign them up. Register for these classes online if you like -- the link is to the right.
Remember, there are 24 hours in each day, take one for you!
In fitness & in health,