Sunday, February 08, 2009

fitting in cardio or not) while resting

Woke up with a scratchy throat and a huge fear of having to deal with the fatigue and fever of being sick in this upcoming busy week. So I took the morning off from the cardio I had planned and slept a bit longer. Spent the day using the neti pot and taking Zicam.
I was so committed to getting 60 minutes of cardio on every Sat and Sun. Since it's 11 pm and I still feel a scratchy throat, I'm very glad I rested.
Nutrition wise today was ok. I blew it with Mr Right's giant homemade chocolate chip cookie. But meals were good: breakfast of fresh spinach and poached eggs, lunch of shrimp and leftover pasta and dinner of soup. Soup was take out lobster something from Bonefish Grill -- yummy but probably too much fat.

Yesterday was a good day too. I took Mirabella out in the stroller for over an hour, then lifted weights and enjoyed her giggles as I counted reps out loud. Laid her on the floor while I did some yoga stretches.
Tomorrow starts another week. Let's hope the cold stays away so I can get on track with the cardio!