Friday, February 13, 2009

good decisions and delightful surprise

I'm still baffled at how two hours can simply disappear when you have a baby. I was up at 5:30. Mirabella might be catching my cold. I so hope not, esp since I am feeling better.
Had a good breakfast of steel cut oats and scrambled egg whites along with a soy, decaf mocha. Thank goodness Mr Right is a wonderful cook and put this together while I pumped milk for M.
Even with a 5:30 wake-up, barely made it to the office by 8:00. Only about ten minutes of exercise: 30 push-ups and lots of stretching. Feels good. Will have to get my strength exercises tonight. Cold is lightening up so I'm hoping to resume cardio tomorrow. Had to get a sub for my step class last night.
I arrived at the office to find delightful surprises! A glass vase of red tulips on the table. And potted tulips on the window ledge -- the most beautiful shade of magenta.
Mr Right is not only a wonderful cook, he is exceptionally thoughtful and generous.
Next to the vase of tulips on the table was a gift wrapped in a very pretty white and damask paper with a bright red ribbon. Inside was an eco-jot journal of recycled paper. Been wanting a journal (another one!) to document M's "first's." Since she crawled last night it's time to start writing about important dates -- like watching her crawl across the bathroom floor instead of sitting and watching me brush my teeth as she has for several months. Just yesterday she couldn't hold her own head up.
Life moves so fast!