Sunday, February 15, 2009

cupcakes and cardio

Well the cold seems to be over. Yesterday I felt almost completely better. Baby M didn't sleep at all so I didn't get out of bed Saturday and do the planned cardio. Today however, I fought the urge to sleep another hour and got myself over to Lifetime. The first 20 minutes felt boring and long. I stopped and did a couple machines for a change. Went back to the treadmill, changed my playlist and got busy with some intervals. It worked really well:
5 minutes walking at 4.5mph
1 minute running at 5.5 mph
1 minute jogging at 5.2 mph
then repeat, for 45 minutes.
Got good and sweaty and wow did the shower feel good.

So cardio is back on track.

Now the indulgence of the weekend...
on Thursday a vendor brought in cupcakes from a new bakery on the plaza: Cupcake A LaMode. Yum. They are definitely treadmill worthy. So good that Mr. Right and I went back down Saturday and indulged in cupcakes instead of a Valentine's Dinner out. Cupcake A La Mode has what they call a cupcake sandwich: two cupcake tops with buttercream frosting in between them. Wow.
The good thing is that they are so sweet you vow to eat good for the rest of the weekend.
Angela Broderick