Monday, September 27, 2010

Stress-less meals for weight loss

The key is to prepare AHEAD OF TIME.

Mark out two hours on a Saturday or Sunday to shop, prep and cook.

Buy 10 – 12 Glad or Ziploc containers ALL THE SAME SIZE. (Do not add stress to your life looking for the right lid for the container; get them all in the same size. Once a year, throw them all away and get new ones.)

Take a list with you to the grocery store and EAT BEFORE YOU LEAVE. Buy 6, 8 or 10 boneless chicken breasts, a few pieces of fish and ground turkey.

Back home in the kitchen, do the following: put the chicken and fish on baking sheets and put in the oven (sometimes Mr Right will grill them for me); put the ground turkey with some seasonings in a skillet; cook some brown rice or Barilla
Plus pasta or quinoa; and steam some veggies until they are half-done (the microwave will finish cooking them when you reheat them).

See my next post on my healthy meal prep on Sunday morning.