Wednesday, June 29, 2005


I'm sitting here pouting. Trying to concentrate on several projects (that desperately need my full attention) is difficult because I feel the effects of missed workouts. I didn't teach my class last nightor manage to get in my walk today. I taught yoga at the community center yesterday morning but that's about all I've done this week. Why? Because of the stupidest, smallest injury -- a nasty blister on my heel. On my list of "must-haves" is Thor-lo socks. (Along with a heart rate monitor and an iPod.) Thor-los are great. The orlon keeps them from getting wet and causing friction on your feet and yes, from causing blisters. I mentioned how proud I was of the Phit chicks and their 6-mile walk on Saturday. Unfortunately their organizer/coach hurried out of the house in the wrong pair of socks. Good socks, good shoes, good bra; anything else goes. Newbies reading this - come walk with us next Saturday. We're meeting at the track at Liberty High School. We always meet in or near Liberty, Missouri as that's where most of us live. Hope to see you there!