Saturday, November 19, 2005

an awesome fall Saturday

A beautiful fall day -- a bit chilly but nice & sunny.

And I was so lucky to start the day with a yoga class at the community center. We did a pretty basic routine, but many of my regulars were there and so were some new folks -- I just love introducing the idea of moving and stretching and breathing to someone who isn't doing it on a regular basis. When I do these community yoga classes it's always listed on -- and men are certainly welcome!

Then I got to move and groove with my Kid's Cardio Dance Party and did we ever have fun! This was our last class of the session, and I am so proud of these girls! Can't wait until mid-January when we start the next one.

Now it's off to get dressed to go watch my very studly cousin, Michael play football. If he wins to day he's off to the high school state championships. He's a very cool kid and I am so rooting for him! Go Michael!