Sunday, July 10, 2005

rejuvenated in Las Vegas

I just returned from Las Vegas. Spent a couple days at IDEA's Annual World Fitness Convention. This is the BIG one -- where the marquis instructors present (they're practically celebrities), where the latest and greatest theories are shared. My favorite this year was Cheryl Soleway, who is a favorite of everyone who hears her speak. She had wonderful theories and opinions about posture, and about understanding the difference between a short, tight muscle and a weak muscle. She says she does alot of yoga and pilates, which impressed me, as some athletic trainers don't (she trains hockey players).
Can't wait to share new exercises with my clients and students. Feels good to be motivated and I'm excited to pass it on...
I'm starting a new session of one of my favorite classes tomorrow: "Equilibrium: Balanced Fitness for Women." As we all know, there are too many things that you have to do to maintain a healthy body. In this class, we do strength training (with free weights, machines, tubes, you name it), Pilates, yoga, outdoor walks and runs, circuits, outdoor boot camp-style workouts, etc. We talk about nutrition and weight loss and most importantly, build a camraderie that is so inspiring it gives me chills....these gals in my class have accomplished unbelievable things. Can't wait to get started tomorrow morning!
Make it a great week!