Saturday, July 16, 2005

Friends and Laughter

Laura S. is one incredible woman. I guess I should say ANOTHER incredible woman, since I've had the good fortune to have met several incredible women.

Laura is one of my Equilibrium students at the Liberty Community Center. And in my other posts you've read about "Equilibrium: Balanced Fitness for Women" and how darn proud I am of my clients in this class.

Well, Laura started in January and she told me today that she has lost 110 pounds. 110 pounds! Incredible. But the amazing thing...this woman has eight children (little children!) and a job. She drives 15 miles to take my class. And she is one of those students who stays after --- like for 30 minutes on the treadmill. I do promise my students they can lose weight in the Equilibrium class. And I willl continue to do so with even more confidence. But ALL the credit goes to Laura. She is unbelieveable. She makes me want to go run 10 miles or sit down at my desk on Saturday and do something productive for my business or just accomplish something -- because she is proof to us all that it can be done! Anything you want to do for yourself can be done!

This morning she came to our Phit Chicks walking club ( and the girl led the pack (with the ever-so hilarious duo of Ann and Stephanie at her side). I was thinking to myself what it would have been like for her if she was trying to walk that five miles with an extra 110 pounds on her.

I know Laura was laughing for most of that walk, because she was walking with Ann and Stephanie. Which brings to mind thoughts of laughter as a motivator. And friendship. I'm convinced that these are two very powerful forces. I read the other day that daily laughter will result in a yearly weight loss of four pounds! Cool.

And I've told you how proud I am of Laura, but I've also go to tell you how proud I am of Beth. Beth is on her sixth day of no white flour, no white sugar (a mantra of Equilibrium that we sometimes live by better than others). And you have to understand Beth is a midwestern girl, stay-at-home suburban mom, "I love to bake" woman. This is a stretch for her and she is taking the bull by the horns, making the tough choices and staying on track. Kudos Beth. "You Rock!" as my stepsons say.
Beth is getting a bonus lesson in sociology as folks respond to her with their various forms of "What? You're not having any dessert?" -- as though she's involved in an underground production of weapons of mass destruction.
Dee Dee (another Eq gal, a great mix of intelligence and common sense, making her quite uncommon) pointed out that those comments directed at Beth come from envy -- envy of seeing someone have the guts to do something they ("they" being the weapons accusers) would secretly like to do themselves. I agree with Dee Dee. They don't have the guts to say they'd like to, much less give it a try. (BTW, Dee Dee used much nicer words than I just did here.)

So choose your friends wisely. You certainly can't alienate the "you're not having dessert??" folks, but you can certainly tune them out from time to time.

Another cool thing about Equilibrium....that Beth and Laura and Dee Dee get to spend a little time together. Away from the weapons accusers anxious to share their long list of excuses they have for not taking care of themselves.
It's takes a much more real friend to say "stay on track, do what's best for you" than "go ahead, you deserve it" when you're eyeballing that dessert tray.

Btw, I still enjoy desserts. But NEVER because someone else thinks I should and NEVER anything of less than highest quality. I love being a dessert diva. The calories MUST be worth it.

enjoy your friends, laughter and desserts.

go do something good for yourself! and then for a friend!