Saturday, December 03, 2005

amazing weight loss -- one more time

I got to talk outside of class to my "poster student" Laura this week. As some of you know, I've been outta-my-mind excited about Laura getting a call from the staff of the Oprah show. They are as impressed as everybody else with Laura's amazing weight loss.
Well, they called her back AGAIN this week. So we are closer and closer to Laura being somewhere or in something of Oprahs (show? magazine? any of it would be great!). They wanted a photo of her in a tighter shirt -- the "after" picture I took was in a regular old t-shirt. Good for them for encouraging her to "live" in her new body.
Here's what's really cool...Laura told the Harpo staff that she now weighed less than she lost -- and she' s lost over 130 pounds.
This gal who drives from Kearney to Liberty at 4:45 in the morning five days a week to workout continues to just amaze me.
Monday we are starting a new Equilibrium session for December. And I look at Laura's photos from a year ago (at 268 pounds) and read the letter she wrote me and still nearly come to tears. Raising four kids of her own (and for most of the year, her brothers four kids as well -- eight children!) and working and still making it to her workouts.
I am so blessed to have a student who is an example for ME personally and for all my exercise students and clients.