Saturday, May 28, 2011

Phit Finds on the Web & Goodbye June

Mr Right and I have a joke.  "If there isn't a Starbucks in the lobby, Angela thinks she's camping." 
I'll be enjoying the holiday weekend at home.   It's too darn hot to be sleeping outside.

Hello July, goodbye June.  This means I can gather up all my favorites from the month in one post.
Summer is wedding season, and dresses are coming in all colors.  This green one is amazing!

I've been thinking for two years about putting a leopard rug runner on my stairs.  These folks have more courage than I do; they really dressed up their steps.

A marketing lesson from last month:  apparently Lady Gaga took down the servers with her new release (for 99 cents!).  Web marketers everywhere are salivating.

A new blog, Hello Giggles, started by Zooey Deschanel and friends, posted a review of Gaga's new album.  Apparently the lyrics are just plain bad (no, don't act surprised), but a couple songs are reminescent of aerobic room sounds in the '80s.  (Which will work well on my "Cardio - Desperate!" playlist.)

This "Cup of Jo" post on fatherhood was really, really good.  I wonder if I acted like I was on drugs when I was a new mom?   (I certainly felt like it.)

And I fell in love with lucite when I saw this on The Glamouri.   I am lucky that I rarely want to be younger, but every now and then, this gal makes me long for my twenties.  

And here is why there is no denying that I'm NOT in my twenties...Bryce Howard is modeling for Kate Spade.   Richie Cunningham's daughter.  Yes, I can even say Opie's daughter.

Happy Fourth of July to Opie, Richie, Bryce and everyone.  My daughter turns 3 on Sunday and I am over-the-moon happy and nostalgic about how fast time is passing (not just June).