Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Double the power; Double the fun

I have no business whatsoever posting any comments about fitness competitions. None.

This blog is about real women {not} balancing work and family and hopefully sneaking in a little cardio.

But inspiration is inspiration, and I have to share these photos and make one comment: wow.

Kristie and Michelle of Twin Fitness have a special place in my heart.  I recruited them to teach aerobics (relax, you progressive group exercise instructor youngsters, that's what we called it then - aerobics) over a decade ago. 

I worked with these high-energy gals as a consultant when they opened their studio and again when they wanted to add a new business component training competitors (looks like they might know what they are doing).   So I am thrilled to see them doing so well.
Kristie - business owner and Mom to 11-month old twins, Ali and Rylee.   Geez.
Michelle - business owner and Mom to three-year-old Skylar and six-month-old Tenley. 
Yep, you read that right, six-month-old!
Like I said, I've known these girls for awhile, and I can promise you they are doing these things religiously: 
1)  NEVER touching white flour, starchy carbs or sugar
2)  Hitting the streets for a run at 4:30 am at least five days a week
3)  Consistently doing some really smart strength training.

It's quite awesome (and motivating!) to buy baby gifts and then see the Mom merely a few months later looking smokin' hot in a bikini like this!     Kudos girls!