Friday, March 18, 2011

Zip-a-loc bags slim you down

This morning, the scale said I dropped five pounds.  Overnight.  Just like that.

Well not just like that.  It didn't move for a week, then it dropped five pounds.  Yay!

Loved this article on the RealAge website.  They suggest that making up mini-snacks saves you huge calories (it does).  My belief in zip-a-locs is related to meal planning.   By creating a week's worth of meals on Saturday or Sunday (like I did here in "22 Meals in 120 Minutes") really saves calories through the week. 

And it really saves stress.  Just ask any woman in an office "what are you feeding your family for dinner tonight" and you'll see a look of exhaustion and guilt.  

I don't like using all that plastic, so I try to rinse and re-use when I can.   But you can't beat it -- this convenience gets pre-cooked, portion-controlled, lean protein and veggies on plates in five minutes.
Love it!