Tuesday, March 08, 2011

46 and Hot!

All three of these women are my age.
Sarah Jessica Parker is exactly one week older than I am.
Courtney Cox and SJP --Clearly they don't sit around eating starchy-carbs, but I've always chalked these gorgeous bodies up to a definite genetic advantage.  Obviously thin frames that very little flesh lives on.  
Sandra Bullock?  My envy, my idol.   Apparently her favorite workouts are Pilates and running.  Whatever it is, she is obviously very loyal.  
I became a really serious fan when she dedicated her 2010 Oscar to "the Moms who take care of the babies and children no matter where they come from."   Nobody knew about little Louis then, but what a powerful, well-deserved acknowledgement to those Mom's.

These women have inspired my pre-birthday "Spring Cleaning."   As in cleaning me.   I've written off sugar and starch, and I really hope to stay injury-free long enough to be consistent with my workouts.  Miracle weight loss probably won't occur (though welcome with open arms), but come April 1, I will know I've given my best effort to turning 46 in good health.