Friday, March 04, 2011

Friday Facts

1.  The spokesperson from the Heart Attack Grill died.  From pneumonia.

After accounting for factors such as lifestyle and education, moderately obese men -- those with a body mass index between 30 and 34.9 -- had a 40% greater risk of pneumonia compared with those of normal weight (BMI of less than 24.9). Men who were severely obese, having a BMI greater than 35, were twice as likely to get pneumonia," said this news article last year.

Rueters says obesity may increase pneumonia risk, particularly in men.

2.  Employer-based health coverage is on the decline.  I hate this.   The horrible colds my family passed around last month and my daughter's nasty fall last week required time in doctor's offices and hospital.  I can't imagine adding to the stress of those situations by not having insurance.   I hate it even more that insurance is so expensive and that this has to be a difficult decision for employers.  (Yet another reason why I am so lonely in politics.)

3.  Since discovering her a couple weeks ago, Garance Dore has been everywhere in the media and blogs.   She is so hip.  Adding her to my "want to be her" list.

4.  Fitness Magazine featured ways to turn up your metabolism, which were quite good.  No surprises, but good.   I am working on getting over my attitude.  I have to quiet my reply: "you're turning 30 and you're metabolism is slowing down?  just wait."   Sounds old and cranky and I won't allow my phit self to go there.

Have a good weekend.  Workout.  Sleep late.  Eat healthy.  Indugle (once!).