Monday, March 21, 2011

Dance, Stretch or Spin through NYC?

I'll be in NYC in less than 10 days and they offer workouts that you simply don't find anywhere else.  I'll only be able to fit in a couple of these, but here's my long wishlist.

"Broadway Cardio" at Broadway Bodies.  I could spend a week here -- "Michael Jackson Mondays" and "GLEEful" sound like a blast.

"Dance Workout" at Downtown Dance Factory.  Unfortunately I won't be there on a Tuesday to hit "Rock and Roll Ballet."

Pure Yoga is a fave and I must return; all the classes are superb.

Kimberly Wilson's sparkly, pink blog turned me on to Jivamukti.   I have yet to run into Russell Simmons, who is a regular, but maybe this time...

And I've wanted to hit Physique 57 since Mirabella and I ran into Kelly Ripa in Miami.  Kelly's body will convince you to follow her and her gym bag everywhere she goes. 

Maybe a spin class at Flywheel or Soul Cycle.