Monday, September 20, 2010

my loot from J Crew

Let me just say that the J Crew crew are merchandising geniuses. An innocent walk past their store on my way to a lunch meeting led to an unplanned (and unbudgeted) shopping spree.

I LOVE to find trendy clothing that is office-acceptable and over-40 acceptable.

I love my new J Crew jackets in particular. Updated but classic enough for "big girl" meetings and travel. And they don't "bind" my arms the way suit jackets sometimes do.

Cardigans are my favorite fall wardrobe item, but I am having second thoughts on the "Burnished Olive" cardigan. It was a beautiful gold in the store and I was just smitten. Now I'm not sure, it looks a bit dull.

My favorite purchase was (as usual) the least practical one -- the gold flower pin. Can't wait to put it on a black cardigan over a funky t-shirt.