Monday, August 09, 2010

sweet, sugar-free kid

My inbox had several emails about raising a kid sugar-free after the 2nd birthday party.

Planning the party was easy. My fun started when I found red pom pom fringe trim at MJ Trim (a wonderful store I discovered on a NYC trip; bought the trim online).

Then I found the fabric (I know, this is backwards) at Joann's - a darling gingham in M's fave color, "Lellow."

On a different NYC trip, I literally stumbled into the FABULOUS Fishs Eddy and bought my new favorite dishes, these bowls in red.

Add balloons from Etsy (thanks Joanna) and flowers from Dad, and you have a beautiful table.

That was the fun part.

Stocking it with sugar-free goodies a la Amy Atlas was going to be more challenging.

Here's what I included:
rasberries, blueberries and blackberries as toppings for sugar-free ice cream
pretzels in a glass jar with a red ribbon
small boxes of raisins
dried banana chips
yogurt-covered pretzels
popcorn boxes from Target with "Happy Birthday Mirabella" labels (and popcorn!)

The kids seemed to like it. So far my girl doesn't miss sugar because she doesn't know it exists. Her fave foods are watermelon, grapes and yogurt.

We do have to mix plain yogurt with fresh fruit, since most yogurts have an outrageous amount of sugar (read the labels!) and others have Splenda or sugar-alcohols. (NO!)

We've managed to pull off birthday parties, Halloween and Easter baskets without it. We'll see how long it lasts!