Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Danzzz, Mama, Danzzz!

My baby girl (who is now 2, and much to my dislike, less and less a baby) wanted to "jump" on Monday after I got home from work.

Her aunt Kelley gave her a mini-trampoline for her birthday. After my initial "oh no, she'll get hurt" I let her give it a try. She's been jumping ever since.

It was over 100 degrees Monday and I wasn't going outside to walk. I wanted to spend some quality time with baby girl, so I decided we would "jump" and "dance."

Today is Wed, 48 hours after our 45-minute jump and dance session. I am so sore I can't get up from my desk without groaning.

We played this "Fat Burning Dance Party" DVD from Crunch while we jumped and danced. My girl could actually do the salsa arms while keeping up with the mini-tramp.

Here's how my workout went:
1) Jump on mini-tramp while counting to 10 aloud with baby girl (hey, it's educational now too!)
2) Do lunges while baby girl jumped. Cut her off at 60 seconds.
3) Do another exercise (push-ups, squats, standing leg lifts) while baby girl said "almost" a dozen times.
Then she jumps off and proclaims "mama turn" and I would repeat the whole sequence.

We also played Tracy Andersons first Dance Cardio dvd. When I first watched this a couple years ago, I was more than a little critical of her teaching skills. Or lack of them.

Not to mention the pathetic sexy looks she gives the camera (I have a feeling men buy this DVD? maybe not for exercise????) More on this later...

Anyway, I'm liking it more and more, and the coolest thing about this DVD is the MUSIC is awesome!

And she doesn't cue at all in the final workout, so you can just jam to the tunes.

Fast forward 48 hours and my legs and butt are SORE. And baby girl exclaims "Danzzz Mama Danzzz!" everytime she sees me.

Ladies, you can be a working Mom and exercise too, you just have to be willing to look like a complete fool.

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