Monday, August 02, 2010

August Goals, Hopes and Dreams

I'm inspired by Kimberly Wilson's (aka Hip Tranquil Chick) blog posts where she lists her monthly goals.
She even has the guts to go review the month and admit what she has and hadn't accomplished. Talk about accountability.

So I'm giving it a try this month.

August Goals, Hopes and Dreams

Get a physical with new family physician.

Perhaps buy a new iPad.

Enjoy bachelorette time while hubby is in Colorado.

Reorganize my closet.

Get the new carpeting put down in the basement.

Paint the basement ceiling so the new carpeting can be put down.

Do a one-day Blue Print Cleanse.

Complete the outline for Mission-Centered Marketing book. Yep, I'm writing a book.

Complete work projects: re-write advocacy communications and webpages, promote annual meeting, develop a new concept for site for international medical students and outline a list of resources for a website for community FM preceptors. Whew.

Attend meetings for Family Medicine Working Party and CAFM. Just call them really smart docs.

Start studying for CMP and CAE exams in Dec/Jan.

Stay consistent with exercise. Walk 12 miles per week. Get in one yoga class per week.

Enroll Mirabella in fall classes for French, gymnastics and music.

See Eat Pray Love movie. Can't wait!

Labor Day will be a party if I get half of this done.