Thursday, August 03, 2006

Summer Slimdown -- Mission Possible!

Hey there -- feeling up to a slimmer summer? I thought so.

Your mission, should you blah-blah-blah, is to hit the walking club, the community pilates class, a Phit Chicks Weight Training workshop, or the summer Equilibrium sessions.

The new Phit Chicks Weight Training workshops are an information-packed two hours, complete with handouts of over 100 exercises. If you need some variety in your weight lifting routine, check the details below.

Plenty of choices Agent! No excuse for a flabby summer.

And no sighing at the mention of exercise. Getting fit is like a good relationship (or a dangerous mission) -- it's gonna require commitment, prioritization and occasionally, sacrifice.

Like, well, pretty much anything worthwhile.

Here's a couple of ideas to keep your slimmer summer in the front of your brain:
1. Make a brain movie.
I was motivated for a full six months after Mission Impossible II. The image of Tom Cruise's back muscles as agent Ethan Hunt scaled that sky-high cliff made me want to move and sweat. (Darn him for the couch jumping. Live interviews always kill any temporary motivation that you get from a celebrity.)
Hollywood and pro sports are ruining alot of the old reliable brain movies, so you'll have to make your own. A good one for me: when I'm tempted to spend wrecklessly, I watch my "movie" of myself on the porch swing of my ocean-front house. Some people call these dreams. The difference is you have to play out the steps in your brain movie. So when I'm trying to save money, I imagine myself putting those designer jeans I love back on the rack, walking out of the store, and making a larger deposit into my savings account. Then the movie ends with me purchasing that villa on beach front property. The next time I"m faced with what I justify as a need for retail therapy, it's a llittle easier to stay on track to my goals. So, take your health and fitness dreams, add a few specific action steps, and you've got yourself a brain movie. Make sure it has a happy ending, and play it when you're feeling lazy.

2. Stop whining.
When your mind starts playing "Im tired" messages, turn the channel. Go to a station telling you that you're darn lucky to have a healthy body and with a tiny bit of effort you'll be a health diva.

3. Nourish, don't nosh.
If food is going into your mouth, it needs to have one of two distinct purposes: nutrition or pleasure. Eat the lean protien to build your muscles. Eat the colorful vegetables for antioxidants and yummy crunch. Eat the ripe peach for the juicy sweetness (ok, that's both). But be tuned into every bite, and don't let yourself start the hand-to-mouth mindless munching that packs on pounds. If you occassionally indulge in those empty calories (keyword: occassionally!) make sure it's something you love every bite of!

4. Move.
Like I said above, check out a new summer exercise program. The accountability of peers, the scheduled meeting time, and someone else making you move from exercise to exercise will work wonders in your results-to-effort ratio.

Bring your neighbor, your Mom, your hubby, your daughter, your son, your secretary, the checkout clerk at your grocery store to our walking club this Saturday. A buddy to gossip & laugh with only burns more calories!
Time flies when I'm doing all the talking -- make your plan now for a slim summer '06! Good luck, agent.