Thursday, August 03, 2006

More cool stuff to share

Cool Stuff to Share:
I think most of you saw the article in the KC Star last Saturday; wanted to share it here just in case.

How many calories are you burning? This calculator is pretty nifty -- it tells you exactly how many calories you burn in a given activity based on your weight -- very personalized.

Father's Day is this weekend, and Dads and families are on our brains. A recent study shows that obesity rates are rising in men and children. Kudos Phit Chicks, but we gotta help out the guys and kids. I've witnessed alot of crazy training going on with youth -- because of their natural resiliency they don't get injured quite as easily, leading parents to think that any trainer who "kicks their butt" is a good trainer. And while ANY exercise is better than none for children, I'd recommend you go to this website and take a look at the "Checklist for Hiring Trainers for Kids and Teens."

Would still love to share our news, so if you have friends interested in fitness, please use the "send to a friend" feature at the top. Appreciate your help. As always, email me if you have ideas or questions.
Looking forward to seeing you all Saturday morning a the community center.
Create a healthy day~