Thursday, August 03, 2006

Cool stuff again

from June 26th enewsletter:
Cool Stuff Going On:

Walking Club meets at Liberty Hospital this Saturday morning at 7:00am. There is a second-floor walkway (over a drive) that connects the hospital to Medical Plaza East. We will meet there. Anyone who is training for the Nike Women's Marathon or just wants to burn a few extra calories will meet at 6:30am. We will swing back by the starting point at 7:00am to pick up the others.

Speaking of Liberty Hospital, a great big thank you to Phit Chick Erin Parde, their CFO, who hooked up us with a sponsor for our fall t-shirts. Thanks Erin! (HINT: Show up to walking club -- the women you'll meet are not only great fun, they're well-connected too!)

It is a holiday weekend, so think colors to keep your nutrition on track. Red wine is full of anti-oxidants, but one glass will supply plenty. White, well, there's a great dip you can make from plain yogurt OR strained, low-fat cottage cheese. Just put either in the blender with your favorite seasonings or dressing mix. The cottage cheese version is ALL protien -- can't beat it.

Green is a much better color than Bleu, especially if you're thinking bleu cheese, or any cheese. A nibble or two won't hurt, but be careful -- those creamy little cubes -- they add up to alot of saturated fat. Try some green, orange, red and yellow veggies.

A big CONGRATS to Phit Chick Laura Mazi, who's getting hitched this weekend! (Click here and scroll clear down to see her photo.)

Cool Stuff to Share:

I was really intrigued by this information on the immune system and keeping it strong.

Group workouts Rock!
Even Oprah says so. Her exact words? "Listen. I've worked out by myself, with a trainer and with a group, and it's definately most fun with a group."

It IS the most fun with a group. I know I've carried on quite enough about our group workouts, Equilibrium: Balanced Fitness for Women. But hear me out one more time gals, as we have some cool plans for fall.

In September we'll debut "Equilibrium: Balanced Fitness for Young Women," which will feature exercise programs for Phit Chicks age 23 - 30. This program will be designed primarily by yours truly, but instructed by a Phit Chick Trainer who is actually young, Mandy Froehlich. With a Master's degree in Exercise Science and many other qualifications, Mandy will lead these gals in sweaty, fun-filled workouts. She'll do a beginners and an intermediate group.

And Pre-Natal Equilibrium will make an encore, taught by mother of three and former parent-child educator Mendy Shriver.
And I"m sooooo excited about Equilibrim Plus, a class exclusively for women a size 18 or larger. The Plus-size group will meet at Modern Physical Therapy, a gorgeous setting with lots of windows and well stocked with the latest in exercise equipment. The plus size group will have NO ONE in the room except other plus-size women and their trainer.

We'll also be offering Equilibrium workouts at Slim & Tone at 10201 North Oak Trafficway, and at Anytime Fitness, at Hwy 291 & I-35. Email me if you want more info on any of these new classes. More instructors and more locations coming too, details next week.

Would still love to share our news, so if you have friends interested in fitness, please use the "send to a friend" feature at the top. Appreciate your help. As always, email me if you have ideas or questions.
Looking forward to seeing you all Saturday morning at Liberty Hospital. Have a safe & happy Fourth of July~