Thursday, July 12, 2012

Today, a Republican woman

This is why I have no friends in politics.

I think there are men and women in both parties who are doing very good work.   (Yes, there are screwballs too, but I choose to focus on the ones doing good work.)

Hillary Clinton is incredibly smart.  (I guess that thinking was clear in my earlier post sharing the Tumblr photo.)

I also love the work that Mary Bono Mack has done, particularly in sponsoring legislation to combat obesity.  According to her website, she has also encouraged improved nutrition programs nationwide, expanded autism research, and provided funding under the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Act.
Mary Bono Mack
I have always thought it was interesting the way Mary got her job.   She was elected in 1998 to fill the seat of her late husband Sonny Bono after he was killed in a skiing accident.  

Odd, yet it makes sense.   Your spouse knows your values like your spouse, even on the rare occasions that you disagree.  Do you think your significant other knows your professional practices and values?  better than your colleagues?