Monday, January 03, 2011

Flat-Belly Powerfoods

6 Flat-Belly Powerfoods. Eat more, weigh less.

A typical January magazine headline.

But this resonates with me more than past years, since I experienced this at the advanced maternal age of 43:

A pear-shaped, curvy girl, I never appreciated my (pre-pregnancy) flat belly and tiny waist. {EVERY pair of pants had to be taken in at the waist.} Instead I obsessed about hating my thighs.

Nothing like a 10 pound baby and c-section to change the tummy forever. {The good news: it's been awhile since I worried about hips and thighs.} I used to tell my "please help me lose my baby weight" exercise students to get on the ball. The stability ball that is. Check out the exercises here.

And while I am a ball-junky, I can now officially empathize with the tummy that isn't fat but isn't flat.

I can't bring myself to spend my daughter's college fund on a tummy tuck, so I will be doing double time on the ball in 2011, and adding the suggested powerfoods from the January issue of Women's Health (which are really part of a lower-calorie, more-filling strategy, but still good suggestions).

Barley. Loads of recipes and nutrition facts here.

Salmon. Cooking tips here, but do NOT brush with butter if you are baking it. Salmon has plenty of oil and you don't want your taste buds to adapt to that over-fatted slickness. Ick.

Also, I'd highly recommend "wild caught" salmon if you can find and afford it. "Farm raised" means it swims around in a tank with other fish, and all of their own wastes. Another ick.

Lean protein such as chicken. Easy to pre-cook and store for weekly meals. Take another look at these tips, because preparation is key to good nutrition.

Sunflower seed butter has all the satisfying protein and fiber of peanut butter but only a third of the saturated fat.

They also suggest black beans, which I don't like, but I would recommend the black bean brownie recipe.