Friday, January 28, 2011

Dear Fairy Godmother

Dear Fairy Godmother,

I don't need a prince. Happily-ever-after is going well.

Here's what I would wish for:

Woodway Treadmill - this seems to be the only thing that can carry my 40+ knees on a run longer than 5 miles with no pain the next day.   They have them at my gym and I love them.  Wouldn't it be wonderful though, to skip the drive, parking, checking in and lockerroom and just go jump on this floating-belt-platform guy for cardio?   Could take a 2.5 hour chunk of my day and cut it into a 1.5 hour commitment.  And I could use that hour.

Martha Stewart Craft Room furniture (I don't even do crafts - ??  Love this though.)

These abs.   A bit on the hard side for my tastes, but I would have so much fun "softening" them just a little! 

A week here.
And this to drive, preferably near the ocean.

Angela B.
P.S. Happy home, family, friends and fulfilling career mean I would, in reality (if the whole fairly godmother thing came to be reality), pass this wish off to someone who needed a job, home or warm meal. Thanks for indulging my fantasy post.