Tuesday, February 02, 2010

February day two

Not one to enjoy cold weather or winter, I tend to be ready to bail and move to Los Angeles by February.

To keep myself positive, I keep listing things to love about February.

1. Valentines Day
! Chocolates and flowers and gifts, all definite yums. I enjoyed Valentines Day when I was single -- was fun surprising co-workers and friends with treats. I think I see it as a chance to make up for the things I didn't cross off my list at Christmas.

2. A short month.

3. January, and all it's goal setting and post-holiday blahs - is over.

4. Spring clothes are already in the magazines (and some of the stores)!

5. Another full month to enjoy indoor workouts and classes before the first sunshine-filled days send me outside to walk and run. I think this month I'll try Title Nine Boxing -- not one for boxing classes, but maybe if I hit a real bag, maybe that would be good.