Sunday, December 27, 2009

New York memories

One of my favorite memories of 2009 will be this trip to New York that Mr. Right gave me for an anniversary gift.
My one-year old sat through a 90 minute show and was mesmerized by the Rockettes.
I emailed abbey (who I've never met) and she recommended a fabulous raw food restaurant, Pure Food and Wine. We loved it. Creative cooking to say the least. And we were lucky enough to meet the owner, she happened to be in the restaurant that night.
"Love, Loss and What I Wore" might have been my favorite part of this trip. Rita Wilson is charming and funny and I want to be her. (Not just because she's married to Tom Hanks.) Kristen Chenowith was darling, and the mother-daughter duo of Rhea Perlman and Lucy DeVito made me want to have another baby and name her Lucy.
I want to go back to New York. Now. Even though it's cold and snowy.