Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas~
For the past five years I've done all my shopping online, but the new baby (who's had a bad cold) has me in a new routine -- it's actually not routine at all -- running around doing last minute errands on Christmas Eve.
It's really not too bad, the weather and crowds could be so much worse. Went to Dean & Deluca and got some yummy treats for me and Mr Right to have at our Christmas tomorrow. Tonight it's off to the in-laws. I'm sure they'll have plenty of presents to spoil Mirabella (if you can spoil a six-month old).
Before January 1, I'm going to make a plan to get more workouts and yoga back into my life. The new job is a year old now, we have been in our new house almost seven months, and baby is nearly six months. All those changes in 2008 have me craving some routine. Nothing routine about this holiday season, but I hope to re-establish an exercise routine soon.
The tuesday night step class is going great. I didn't realize how much I missed teaching choreographed cardio. Always leave Lifetime Fitness really sweaty. And it's such a terrific stress release. Now I have to get yoga back in my life. Many good classes to choose from (it'll be awhile before I can commit to teaching again), but I can't seem to get to them. Maybe I need to create a 20 minute home practice that I can do each morning.
This past weekend I put Mirabella on the floor and did a series of downward dog, plank, cobra and she laughed like crazy. It was the sweetest thing. Maybe the mommy & me yoga classes are on to something...

Closing up my computer and getting back into holiday merriment. Have a wonderful one!