Wednesday, December 17, 2008

RIP girlfriend

I've been struggling to deal with the grief many are feeling at the loss of Lauren Chapin.
Read the story in the Star here.
She was a beautiful, talented, amazing woman.
Lauren was one of my first yoga students in Liberty(along with Laura, Lorraine, Trish, Deb). She was so helpful and so supportive. She was an original Phit Chick. I remember asking if "chick" might be offensive to anyone and she rolled her eyes. :)
I got to work with her on a series she wrote for the Star on healthfully indulging. It was great fun to go to the restaurants and figure out how to rein in calories so we could share dessert. :)
I just exchanged emails with her a couple weeks ago; she was asking when I'd be coming to Liberty to do that yoga class.
Thank you Lauren, for your smiles, wit and inspiration. It lives on in me and in many others, I'm sure.