Monday, June 04, 2007

my curtsy lunge

I just read this article in Forbes online about David Kirsch and his "reverse crossover lunge" -- and screamed (to myself) "that's my curtsy lunge!" I have a love-hate relationship with celebrity trainers; they are so inspiring and yet I feel like the are cheating.
Cheating because they steal my moves? Of course not. A good idea is a good idea, and the "great minds" cliche applies here.
David Kirsch wrote a decent book, The Ultimate New York Diet, but is best known for getting Heidi Klum in runway shape just weeks (like three months) after giving birth. Ok, I'll be fair, kudos to David. His diet book and his exercises are based on solid fitness principles.
But... before you go trying to Google & hire this $400-per-hour guy, take a good look at Heidi Klum. And her 30 inch torso. As my Mr. Right says, "How can you screw that body up?"
Seriously, I think as long as you didn't sit there and feed her donuts for an hour, you're a shoe-in success. Being Heidi Klum's personal trainer is about the best gig around.
On a less serious (more serious?) note, a couple brief yoga thoughts...
At the end of meditation sessions in a good yoga class, you'll hear some inspirational, warm fuzzy messages. Recently I took a very good class and the instructor offered empowerment to "let go of what is no longer serving you." Wow. Think about that one. It actually encouraged me to move my EQ2 group to a different location (read on).
I took a training class yesterday from Paula Tortolano and didn't know I could get so excited about Trikonasana (triangle pose). Can't wait to show you all I learned. Going back tomorrow to learn more on backbends.
Cool Things Going On:
New sessions of "Equilibrium: Balanced Fitness for Women" start this week at the community center. More times, including a 9:00am for you teachers who want to go to school feeling super fit in the fall.
You long-time Eq clients need a boost. The energy was beginning to lull in our last few classes (yes, you worked hard, but you're falling into a "routine") and I am going to "kick it up a notch" as Emeril would say. Email me for details (times, locations, etc).
Create a healthy day,