Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Photog envy: cinemagraphs and hipstamatic

Don't you LOVE the cinemagraphs that the talented photo-bloggers are doing?  My favorites are from Jamie Beck and her "From Me To You" tumblr
Jamie is darling but SO TALENTED.  You have to check out her tumblr. She can make a plain ole beer look better than champagne.

Here's a tutorial I found on making a cinemagraph.  If you are a decent photographer and know your way around Photoshop CS5 it won't be hard.

I shouldn't have a need for instagr.am, given that I have albums from the 70's and 80's that are full of original photos with rounded borders, Polaroid-esque white frames and "Filters" (which used to be just plain old bad lighting).  But seeing the fun photos on blogs makes me want to trade in my Blackberry for an iPhone just to have this cool app (please Blackberry?).
And despite my splurge on a Diana camera (only dipped my toe into lomography, want so bad to learn more!) I really want the hipstamatic app.
C'mon Blackberry, you're gonna lose this seven year customer for a couple cool camera apps. 
image credit: From Me To You